DJ Benhameen

The Return of Damon Dash Episode


Showbill by Theotis Jones

Damon Dash is making noise. Noise inspiring to some and uncomfortable to others. No punches pulled, shots most definitely fired. Everybody gets hit. Let’s go.

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The Combat Jack Show: The Ty Dolla $ign Episode



Singer, songwriter,producer and artist Ty Dolla $ign stopped by TCJS and talked Toot It And Boot it, how he hasn’t sang about fisting chicks yet, and why he shouldn’t be compared to the Future or them other modern day crooners. And me Dallas and Pete continue talking our shit.

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Fan Bros: Justin Bieber Plays The Terminator Episode



On the latest episode of Fan Bros we discuss the rebooted Terminator franchise and whether we could see Justin Bieber as a liquid metal cyborg. Plus we review World War Z and This Is The End. We also bring you the latest in Comics I Copped, Chico’s Netflix Pic Of The Week and the usual insanity from the crew.

Time Code

0:00 to 10:00 – Discussion of The New Terminator Franchise. No Spoilers since the movie hasn’t even come out yet
10:01 to 13:00 – Announcement of our contest, for more details visit here:
13:01 to 22:00 – We ignore this weeks True Blood to speak on Looper, The Goonies, and what drug in what movie would we love to take. No spoilers
22:01 to 30:00 – Discussion of the new Green Lantern Film, and some last thoughts on Man of Steel and the DC Universe in general. No spoilers
30:01 to 42:00 – We review World War Z & This Is The End. No real spoilers
42:01 to 47:00 – Discussion on the Uncharted Movie and why it won’t get made just yet
47:01 – 49:30 – Tech Discussion of the latest from Xbox and PS3.
49:31 to 54:00 – Comics I Copped
54:01 to END – Netflix Pic Of The Week and Outro


  • How would you survive and what crimes would you commit during The Purge?
  • What drug from what movie, comic, or novel would you like to try?
  • Can you come up with any more names with X for Brad Pitt’s new child?
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Fan Bros – The No Spoilers Star Trek Episode


On the latest episode Chico Leo and DJ Benhameen are joined once again by Tatiana King & Jamie Righetti to discuss the latest in geekdom, including the “Bear &The Maiden Fair” episode of Game Of Thrones, the latest in Age Of Ultron, plus a COMPLETELY SPOILER free review of Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Also, Grant Morrison’s return to Wonder Woman and a new segment in which we break down which writer and or artist had the most impact on a particular character.

Plus, Jamie gets us ready for the end of Dr. Who.


  • 0:00 – 3:28 – Intro
  • 3:29 – 15:30 – Game Of Thrones review contains spoilers for the latest episode
  • 15:31 – 19:30 – Comics I Copped the latest breakdown of Age Of Ultron
  • 19:31 – 36:28 – Who Did It Best – Batman
  • 36:30 – 49:30 – Discussion on Grant Morrison’s new Wonder Woman series
  • 50:00 – 57:38 – Chico’s Netflix Pic Of The Week
  • 58:00 – 1:06 – Dr. Who Discussion
  • 1:06 – End – Pacific Rim Discussion & Outro
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Fan Bros – The Combat Jack Show Team Up Episode


In the absence of Chico Leo, the Fan Bros decided to team up with two members of The Combat Jack Show, Dallas Penn and Combat Jack himself. Fan Bros in their own right, Combat breaks down Frank Miller’s seminal run on Daredevil, while Dallas admits that the deaths of Elektra and Jean Grey broke his heart.

We also bring in Tatiana King and Matt Raz to discuss the new Pacific Rim Trailer, the all mistakes episode of Game Of Thrones, and whether Alfred was created to distract from Batman & Robin’s questionable relationship. No Sandusky.

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On the premier episode of Fan Bros the bros talk about The Walking Dead and the defecation habits of zombies, Combat Jack, DJ Benhameen and comic book writer Chico Leo catch up on the latest news around Iron Man 3 and Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, and we debate whether comic books are still relevant in the modern age.

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The Jon Caramanica Episode



New York Times Pop Culture critic Jon Caramanica helped us kick off 2013 as he talks about his journey to the Grey Lady, how artists like Rick Ross are able to survive in Hip Hop’s “post truth” era, how Chief Keef is just as important to the culture as your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper and more. We’re back. Newmanati!


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