Video: The Fabolous (@MyFabolousLife) Interview, Part 2

In the second part of Fab’s appearance on our 100th episode, watch as he discusses why he took a hiatus from Twitter, his thoughts on marriage, his hustling days and going from bologna sandwiches to McDonald’s in central bookings, putting Young Jeezy on and why he doesn’t mess with reality shows that tough anymore. … Newmanati!!!!

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R.I.P. Born Reality

Ya’ll know how much I love Brooklyn, and how I stay in the neighborhood I grew up in, Crown Heights. Some of ya’ll might have also seen how my home was featured on that HGTV show. Crown Heights is on the come up, gentrification is in full swing. Shit is looking sweet ’round here. (more…)

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NYC Water Vendors: Return of the Squeegee Man


In the late 1980’s, around the time that the grimy streets of New York City lay in stark contrast to the colorful tops of crack vials that filled them, Squeegee Man was born. The city was broke and broken. Ronald Reagan and his conservative agenda forced the city to put its budget to the guillotine. Some enterprising crackhead took the conservative’s “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps” rhetoric to heart and realized that with a squeegee and a bucket, he could make a buck. At any given traffic stop in the city, Squeegee Man would run up on your car, splash some piss on your windshield, squeegee it off with one hand and ask for money with the other. Sometimes there’d be a few Squeegee Men at a light who’d try to out-maneuver each other or they’d gang squeegee your shit and they’d all be expecting to get paid for it. By the 90’s, it seemed that Squeegee Man would find you at every traffic light in the boroughs and he’d be mad aggressive too. It reached the point where Squeegee Man would put a dent in your car if you didn’t throw him some coin after muddying up your shit, unsolicited. It got so bad that Rudy Guiliani ran for NYC Mayor on an Anti-Squeegee Man platform. (more…)

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It's Really Going Down…


It’s about to go down!

The internets done did it this time. x Combat Jack = BYOBlogger BBQ

It’s a celebration bitches!

Saturday 07.18.09 5pm-11pm

Shouts to Nahright, OKayPlayer,,, 2dopeboyz, The Smoking Section, RapGaydar, er, Radar…

And to add to that…

DJ J.Period on the 1’s & 2’s

and more…

An exclusive preview of the entire SlaughterHouse debut album

yet still more…

FREE FOOD and DRINKS (yes obama)

and still there’s even more…

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