#TBT First Combat Jack Show Feat. BosNaud and JusDave Episode


August 2010, Dallas Penn and I decided to launch this show. Only thing was Dallas Penn didn’t show up (he was on vacation). A-King manned the boards, we were at PNC Radio live, our backgroundmusic was loud and our very first guests were….. Black Twitter’s own BosNaud and JusDave. B, we’ve come a long way.

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The Return of Damon Dash Episode


Showbill by Theotis Jones

Damon Dash is making noise. Noise inspiring to some and uncomfortable to others. No punches pulled, shots most definitely fired. Everybody gets hit. Let’s go.

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The Jon Caramanica Episode



New York Times Pop Culture critic Jon Caramanica helped us kick off 2013 as he talks about his journey to the Grey Lady, how artists like Rick Ross are able to survive in Hip Hop’s “post truth” era, how Chief Keef is just as important to the culture as your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper and more. We’re back. Newmanati!


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Video: Al Lindstrom Presents ‘Get Ready For Combat w/ @Combat_Jack’

It’s an honor to be recognized by cats like Al Lindstrom. It feels good to be on the other side of the interview. I had fun with this.

In this weeks feature video, we talk with online radio superstar Reggie “Combat Jack” Osse. We discuss his start in the music industry, working with celebrity clientele (including a hilarious story about Stevie J), how he came up with the name Combat Jack, and his new found love with radio. This is one of our most engaging interviews of the year and a must watch.

via Al Lindstrom

Super shout out to the homie Alex Ciccimarro (@Signiture718)

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The Dru Ha (@DruHa) x Sean Price (@SeanMandela) Episode


A week before the release of his highly anticipated album Mic Tyson, Sean Price and his Duck Down label’s president and co-founder Dru Ha stopped by the Combat Jack Show. Sean had an emergency and had to bounce as Dru walked us through close to 20 years of Boot Camp history, their alliance with Tupac, beef with The Notorious B.I.G., the definition of a truly independent record company, how Eminem got away and more. As he ran a real life one last year, Dru breaks down how his music run isn’t a race but a marathon. “Mic Tyson” hits the street October 30, 2012.

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The Mr. MFN eXquire (@MRMFNeXquire) x Smoke DZA (@smokedza) Episode



What a show. This week’s episode of The Combat Jack Show was cray. We had Brooklyn MC, Mr. MFN eXquire, his consigliere Kenneth Montgomery and Harlem’s own Smoke DZA in the building. eXquire has come a long way since the last time he was on the show. The Universal Republic signee discusses his transition to a major label, who influenced him to sign on the dotted and his take on the current state of hip hop (Chief Keef too). Also on this ep, Up North Trip’s very own Ev Boogie and DJ 7L from Get  On Down stopped by to give a sneak peek of the new Raekwon The Chef Purple Tape Box Set. This is a must have for all the stuck in the 90′s cats and hip-hop fans. Be sure to check out Complex next Monday for an exclusive feature on the box set which will also be available for purchase. Hit the play button…


Mr. MFN eXquire | @MRMFNeXquire |
Smoke DZA | @smokedza |


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Nah Right Radio


So last night the experiment went down. Me, Eskay, Dallas Penn and Marvelous Mo collabo’d with A-King from PNC Radio where they let us invade with the Nah Right Radio concept. We all started a bit tentative until I dropped my drank. Once the Grey Goose hit the floor, it was 2 hours of consistent shits and giggles!

Special guest was big man Drewpreme.

Thank yous to all involved. Hoping to see many more!


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

The whole damn show

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Dallas Penn x Combat Jack Invade PNC Radio!!!

BANNER_PNCRADIOFM_SMALL.sizedFor the past coupla weeks, me and the homie DP appeared on a coupla shows over at PNC Radio. Ya’ll up on PNC? They’re running this internets radio thing. Bad too! Trust how they keeps is real with a dope format, plus the liquor flowing. Copious amounts of Grey Goose and that nasty ass Nuvo was consumed. You know how scary it is to be sloppy swerving into all lanes while on live radio worldwide, drunk out your mind? Watch:


Shouts to A-King, Alex and the whole PNC family.

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