The @RapGenius Episode


Amidst the hype surrounding their reported $15 million dollars and numerous e beefs (including one with our very own Dallas Penn) the Rap Genius posse stopped by to clear the air and share what they’re really about. And whether they’re the fuckybergs the Internets think they are. DP stayed swinging though. Who won in the end? You be the judge.

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  • kenneth montgomery

    Dallas and Pete great linear thoughts……I appreciate the show Fuck rap genius though

  • coolerheadprevails

    The show keeps getting better and better every episode. Everybody in the cast turned the fuck up and did they thing. Salute.

  • coolerheadprevails

    Also Combat can you tell Dallas Penn to stop burping into the mic? Shit’s disgusting b. *Cam’ron voice*

  • arne

    your show is the greatest current hiphop-related podcast.
    i’m following the show since the 5ths show.


    i can understand that there are moments where rascism is a problem.
    these moments have to be adressed.


    is hiphop not about overcoming these fuckin rascism?
    is this not the whole point in hiphop?

    there is a bunch of moments in the show in the last few months where i really felt kind of dissed for listening to it or hiphop.

    im from germany.
    and white.

    there are voices on the show who adress the real conflict going on in the WORLD ( meaning berlin, cairo, london, houston and johannisburg).
    rich vs poor. and the disproportion of wealth.
    but you still going back to the ghetto (and its narrow-minded explanations of things – no offense against people living in so called ghettos / often there victims of their enviroment).
    thats pretty 90’s.

    please keep the show progressive.
    more airtime for matt raz & benhameen

    sorry for writing in a negative tone.
    really loving the show.
    keep up these unique outpost.
    big up.


  • Muhammed

    man-boob fuckyberg.

  • scjoha

    Honestly I was a bit disappointed in the RG interview. As it became clear that DP wasn’t able to clearly articulate what he thought was foul about RG, Combat or someone else should have pressured those guys journalist style about some points Bol brought up, like how are artists going to profit of RG’s usage of their lyrics, (and also their users’ work), or if they indeed waive their rights to profit, what about all the racist talk and what their stance on the whole topic of race is. Why they feel uncomfortable talking about race. And you could have pulled some annotations of some songs and asked them, what that has to do with knowledge and how does anyone benefits from those types of eplanation. If RG is some kind of ebonics translator. And what exactly about Cam and which of his songs Mahboo was so fascinated by. And if h thinks, rap is just some kind of joke to him and a platform to fuck with people (via shirtless frestyles). If h thinks that any ole fuck can do it.
    What we got instead as a conclusion was that DP thinks RG is cool, and great, even necessary for rap nerds, and would be better off if the Mahboo fuckyberg stepped to the side.
    I usually love DP’s fuckyberg talk as it is the spice of the show, but in this case it wasn’t enough. You need some journalist type meat and potatoes too.

    • MattRaz

      I agree with this post immediately above. I think it was an entertaining show, but we stopped short of pushing for elaboration on many of those points. The “agree to disagree”-esque conclusion was somewhat of a letdown.

  • Petro3

    From a wiggatronical, im-more-hiphop-than-you point of view, somebody needs to tell Pete to SHUT THE FUCK UP. He really doesnt have himself under control and i can see people not wanting to come to the show over him. Theres no easy way to say this but Pete, but you need help.

  • Petro3

    As far as the 15Mil, they need to shut the fuck up with all of this talk about it aint about the loot. Bullshit. if it aint about the loot then you already GOT the loot.

    What whats with “were all Rap Geniuses” talk? Fuckouttahere.

  • migrantworker

    Did Rap Genius get a pass on the CJ Show?

    I’ve set up a poll (pause) so the interwebs can sound off:

  • coolerheadprevails

    Only thing I’m not feeling about the show is the “Black, White or Other” segment. Too many shows are doing it now. It’s started on the All Out Show w/ Lord Sear on Shade45, then Reach Around Radio started doing it, I think “Black Guy Who Tips” podcast now this show. It’s been done over too many times. Ya’ll are entertaining without the “BWO” shit anyway.

  • Ryan

    To me, the RapGenius site is the embodiment of the (often exploitative) group that have infiltrated the culture and completely changed the facade of ‘hip-hop’ and rap music. But as Jus Blaze mentioned, you can’t knock them for getting on something like this when nobody within the community had yet. So it’s hard to blame them for doing something that has become such a prominent part of the game, but I think that they should have to be held accountable for everything they are doing, so much more could have been discussed about their motives and how (if they even care) they are contributing/giving back to the culture.To their credit, it appears as if the ones behind the scenes of their site have a more genuine appreciation for the culture and the value of the words that are spoken in these songs; it would definitely benefit them to have those people in the forefront as opposed to shirtless, moronic frat boys that make bad decisions when ‘high on caffeine’. All in all, good show, and continued props for unique topics and furthering the discourse on the culture and those who are profiting from it.

  • Wizworld

    Honestly? This episode was kinda pathetic. I agree with Dallas on the portion of his stance that he was able to articulate and I don’t think there needed to be a resolution reached here. This is hip-hop, not politics. You’re totally within your rights to think something/someone is corny (or a toy) based on the vibe you get from them. Also when you consider the issues that were outlined in scjoha’s reply, it totally looks like you guys were scared to take them to task. What happened? Is the same Combat Jack show that called out Papoose & Wyclef? Homeboy just sat there and mocked you dudes. That’s probably the only reason to go back to this episode. To hear y’all get owned. Anyway I’m still a big fan and I look forward to the next Ep. Just calling it like I heard it.

  • Wizworld

    I also have to smh at the fact that no one took that young lady to task for her “I’ve been to Africa” comment. Is that all it takes to shut you guys up? What part of Africa did she go to? Why was she there? And how exactly does that relate to rap music?

  • Chicotic

    First and foremost…This is the dopest show moving right now! With that said…DP brought it in his post about RG on, however that didn’t translate onto the show…at least not in an expanded version. I agree with the other responses in saying that were some issues left in the ring, and the opportunity to have some real talk about RG’s impact on hip hop culture was missed. We are so used to yall knocking these issues out, it was like watching (hearing) your favorite boxer lose a round to a lesser opponent. But, that’s a part of the process. Make your adjustments in the corner and come back out swinging! This show is still the champ!

  • wickwickwack

    The hate was strong in this interviews ,i wish combat jack would have pushed the right buttons…Dallas was holding back

    i wanna see what that vanilla ice crew looks like .Are they exploiting hip hop ?They created a business where they let rap nerds work for them…can´t knock the hustle,i can care less if they make money out of it as long as it´s done right

    What rapper today isnt in the game for the money…most of them don´t know about the culture

  • JE Garcia

    In all honesty, I couldn’t finish listening to the interview because the guys from Rap Genius sounded too much like the stereotypical white guy; complete with dry personas and nasaly tones. Damn.