The @N_C_B and @JlaPuma Episode (Noah Callahan-Bever & Joe La Puma)


INTERNETS! Noah Callahan-Bever and Joe La Puma reflect on 10 years of theComplex media dominance. They inspire us to give you a list of the top 5 Combat Jack Show feat. Dallas Penn shows.

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News w/ MattRaz

  • Aledged Baltimore lottery winner
    Wilson has claimed that the winning ticket is hidden somewhere in the McDonald’s where she works, CBS affiliate WJZ Baltimore reports. But she has not yet produced it and her attorney stressed Wednesday that he does not know where it is. –
  • 50 yr old immigrant chopped up roommate
    Six months ago Sergey Mamontov, a 50-year-old Russian immigrant from Sheepshead Bay, decided to welcome a roommate into his apartment. But it seems they didn’t click, and the unidentified 55-year-old roommate ended up moving into Mamontov’s refrigerator. – gothamist
  • 50 words banned at school
    The city Department of Education is aiming to get 50 words removed from some city-issued standardized tests, and some of them are real head-scratchers. The reasoning: The words might be distracting to segments of the city’s diverse student population. –
  • Baseball with a cat head
    A homeless man in Anderson, Indiana was arrested Monday after police found him playing “baseball” with a severed cat head. –