The Foxy Brown Episode



“Foxy did this. Foxy did that.” There’s been mad talk about the Ill Na Na since like forever, and while ya’ll keep staying with your face in her puss, I guarantee you ain’t ever hear Foxy talk in first person like this. From her pops bouncing when she was 4 years old, to dating Haitian Jack at 14, her and Jay Z moving from the bench to the studio to the top, getting sucker punched with the deafness, her relationship with Nicki Minaj, that bid in jail.. I put money on it that this is the realest shit she ever spoke.

She took all your shots and now she’s firing back. You think she can’t hear you? You’re about to hear her loud and clear b.

You gon’ learn today.

And for those asking, Foxy steps on stage at the 20 min mark. Before that, treat yourself to a talk with @HipHopObama from, in which we find out more about your favorite site and break down Hot 97’s recent Summer Jam.


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  • Space Mack

    Great interview. Could you guys get 50 cent on the show. I think that would be an interesting interview.

  • public school whitey

    best episode ever – BEST PODCAST EVER!
    Really great interview. I have so much respect for Fox Boogie and whole team.

  • deeel

    Is she on that powder?? God Damn!


    Worst Combat Jack Interview to date…….Dallas Penn get Inga pubic Hair off your Chin! Foxy Brown “F*cked Up Attitude killed her Career NOT her Hearing!

  • Ali

    YO!!! wtf was wrong wit her?? She must have powdered her whole face up before this interview!!!

  • David L

    we gon act like fox don’t sound mad unstable? why some of these artists fall off and lose they heads? i saw fox at a store in bedstuy the other day with a bodyguard and cracked up like who she need protection from lol?

    anyway i struggled to listen to this a lil bit. but respect to yall for propping her up and making her feel comfortable. i hope shes doing alright.

    • Ebony De Loach

      okay i thought that was my computer sounding like that. Foxxy dont sound right. i dont know what is going on so i had to come back listen and check the comments to see if i was tripping and boom u were first to post what i was thinking. now i see why she choose not be on camara. lol

    • John Blaze

      Yea This Joint Is A Really Tough Listen…..And Where The Hell Did This Voice Come From? I Don’t Remember Her Sounding Like This Anytime Before….

      • Ryan Leslie

        She went deaf and that has been how her voice has sounded ever since.

    • WEKetchum

      I wonder if the issue with her voice is linked to her hearing loss from a few years ago. Also, you’d be surprised at how much celebrities get tried – all it takes is for one person to feel like getting fame on WorldStar. Having a bodyguard makes you less likely to get tried.

    • Zach Lewis

      She’s def

  • John Blaze

    Man Foxy Is Really Gone, And Ain’t No Coming Back…..Shits Kinda Sad Yo And I Thought Kim Be Sounding Off In Interviews…..Sidenote: Am I The Only One That Hears Nicki Minaj 10+ Years From Now If She Falls Off In This Interview?

  • Kweli

    Because I ain’t with all that fuckyberg Twitter and Facebook stuff, I didn’t know about this interview until after the fact, today. Yet, on the broadcast y’all talked about the website. Usually the home page announces who will be featured in the week. But even then, it seems like Facebook and Twitter gets top billing. I don’t understand that.

  • Matt McClary

    This is a great interview! Foxy is an icon and her music is timeless. She has been through the struggle and I hope people appreciate her that much more after hearing this interview

  • Matt McClary

    This is a great interview! Foxy is an icon and her music is timeless. She has been through the struggle and I hope people appreciate her that much more after hearing this interview

  • John Blaze

    I Wonder If Kim One Of Those 5 People?

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  • SVA

    The interview took like 20 minutes to actually take off, because in the beginning you were blowing her horn so much so she felt comfortable or would calm down…for me the interview started when she told she got the nod from Pam Grier to use the name Foxy Brown….before that she could hardly finish a sentence…

    I don’t know if she forgot to take her anxiety pills or took too much of them or maybe she is on that powder or recovering from it but her voice was very uncomfortable to listen to…

    Although the interview was somewhat informative and she shared some of her deepest emotions and because of that became very emotional and touching.

    I still feel like Combat shouldn’t have put this interview…I personally wish her all the best but I think at this point this interview is not in her best interest…

    I read some tweets and on other sites that people were b!tching about the topics he didn’t cover (relationship Kurupt, The Firm, Rick Ross engagement and so on)…but people seem to forget that the guest may asked Combat not to speak on certain topics or time doesn’t allow to cover all “important” topics..

    Big Up to Dallas Pen for trying to lift her spirit after she broke down and I hope you checked that prick Glen Friedman off air last week

    Keep up the good work!


  • steelo brown

    Man, I love the Combat Jack show – there’s nothing else like it.

    Can someone fill me in why she lost her hearing and how Jay helped her get it back? You guys skipped over that. I think that’s part of the issue with her voice sounding off. When you can’t hear yourself, your pronunciation and pitch changes.

  • Dana Harvey Smith

    She sounds very MEDICATED….and like Lil Kim…I’m still a fan!!!

  • Dean87

    I agree with a lot of the other commenters in that this
    interview was an extremely hard listen, at first. It was hard to determine if
    Foxy was anxious, overexcited or her voice simply bearing the effects of
    hearing loss – but it was mad uncomfortable. All-in-all, I thought you guys
    handled the interview exceptionally well and when Fox delved into the “I was
    saving this for the Oprah interview” territory – I found her candor to be
    telling of how comfortable the guests are made to feel on the show – a trait
    exclusive to the Combat Jack Show. I’m a fan of Bravo’s “Inside the Actor’s
    Studio” and feel your authenticity and approach is comparable in that you are able
    to resonate in the same way with the Hip-Hop artists and community creating an
    environment where heads can come and really open up in a medium that is rarely available
    to them, otherwise. I think this was somewhat illustrated through Wale’s
    comments when he referenced the Dame Dash interview and said, in part “I want
    my [interview] to be like that.” The Combat Jack Show is fast becoming the
    platform where artists will clamber to get on because they have a story to tell
    and there’s no better vehicle out now that will allow them to voice it. Keep up
    the good work fellas!

  • Brian Watson

    I thought it was me, Foxy was driving me crazy with her voice, I really was struggling to get through this episode, she never got to the point and Combat had to answer for her, i’m glad it’s over

  • ICE COLD 40


  • CDUB

    When you lose your hearing your voice falters also. You no longer can hear yourself speak with clarity like you once could.

  • Guest

    Foxy and Inga are very different. Foxy has always had a street demeanor, deep voice, and cockyness. Inga is a valley spoken, well educated. Alot of people confuse her voice on records to an interview. Since she found out she had an impairment her voice has been this way, not bad either. Love her to pieces always.

  • ClassixRadio

    Couldnt even get through this shit man, someone tell her she isnt Nicki Minaj. Turned it off about 3 minutes into when she came on.

  • boi-dan

    Her voice was bothering me at first, but I caught up. THIS WAS A GREAT INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless Foxy.

  • Ryan Leslie

    Much love to Foxy Brown and thanks for showing her love in a friendly environment. You guys are a class act.

  • Jarman Fam

    From the rip, I must say FOXX is my fav female rapper OF ALL TIME, POINT BLANK PERIOD!! That being said, I must ask, why is it her voice and hearing seemed fine when she did this show with Nicki tho?