The Combat Jack Show: The Rap Genius Episode, Part Deaux


Its a New Year and Dallas Penn doesn’t show up because he’s not effn with Rap Genius. Is it because they’re perpetual douche bags? Is it because they got a slap on the wrist from Google after they cooked their SEO books? Who the fux are these guys and why do they continue to piss the rap and tech and business world off? After getting through mad bullshit, we finally get some candid talk from these #Fuckybergs.

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  • Scott Williams

    What a bunch of bitter cunts, you mad cause your show has made nothing?

  • philkizer

    What a bunch of dicks. Do they REALLY think they are going to become like rockstars off of Rap Genius? Nobody gives AF, just keep your site running.

  • Uncle Sam

    Holy Shit, these dudes are fuckin’ clowns

  • PlayerScottFree

    Peace. Back to business. I like this show a lot. Not for Rap Genius but for talking about a topic rather than rambling about business connections and trade publications or whatever.

  • Mike

    I tried to listen to this episode, but after ten to fifteen minutes I gave up. These cats remind me of whites who always try to talk hip, or in dialect to try to act like they’re down. It’s patronizing.

    • Uncle Sam

      It got better, but yeah I was very close to jumping ship at the beginning. Ended up worth listening though, I think.

  • FlightClub

    The 1st 20 mins of this was a clusterfuck

  • Bikim Brown

    ay combat the show was awesome i actually went back and listened to the first interview with the Rap Genuis guys. Keep up the good work you all. Love you and stay up. Can’t get through a week with out the gang.

  • NoMore

    It was too hard to listen to. Please NO MORE shows with these bitches. Let it be done!!

  • Anakin Flow

    dam these rap genius guys are lames …. they tryin so hard to be so cool because they got some type of notoriety and they wanna be hip and down cuz they annotate rap lyrics and they want the “co-sign” from the cool rappers and the want that glory but they bunch of lame rap hiphop internet nerds … i give em props for taking a idea and making money off it but personality wise they lame … thats why kats dont really like them …

    • Scott Williams

      Nigga you mad cause your 40 and still selling weed

      • Anakin Flow

        okay lol whateva that means …

  • public school whitey

    i love this show, but i have to say these guys are horrible. these rap genius guys are what’s wrong with hip-hop and even what’s wrong with NYC these days???
    Dallas was right to boycott these clowns.

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