Combat Jack Radio – Episode #3


We had a ball last night over in D.U.M.B.O., Brooklyn, with the good folks at PNC Radio. Under the guidance of super producer A-King, Dallas Penn was as sharp as ever, I ran mouth and our guest hostess NY Delight delighted us with her female presence. I’m still a novice at this, but I’m loving it. Most importantly, I think it’s good.  Internets, thanks for all your support.

Highlights of the show for me was when the soldier from Kuwait, Iraq and Robbie from Unkut down in Australia called in.

Please feel free to critique and comment. Only because I want to win with this and I respect all your opinions, even the hate.

Stream or download here.

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  • ICE

    Great show OG. You & DP’s comedic chemistry is hilarous. Emmis Broadcasting hope ya payin attention cause ya AM lacks the minerals…and the melanin. #shots

  • CoolD

    That was real cool and I like the song that was playing. Hilarious stuff here!

  • Gedi

    If you’re 40’s years old living in your moms basement, you know what, that’s your basement © Dallas Penn

    The show keeps getting better. Much success you y’all

  • Pdot

    Turn them mics up……

  • Stru

    This is a great idea you and Dallas got going, but someone else commented with the same suggestion I had on the last PNC radio show. That is to turn this into
    a podcast so it can be on itunes. In terms of podcasts, the only podcast I mess with hardbody is the Juan Epstein podcast with Peter Rosenberg & Cipha Sounds.
    But this one right here is refreshing in terms of consistency. Every week, every Friday seems good to me. But once it’s on itunes, it’ll be straight fire. Then all i’ll have to do is hook my ipod/iphone up and there you go. The beauty about itunes podcasts is that you can go back into the archives and listen to old ones or new ones any time you want. I’m surprised Elliott Wilson doesn’t have a podcast up yet, considering he was the first guest on the Juan Epstein podcast. That
    said, R.I.P. PNC Radio and welcome The Combat Jack & Dallas Penn Podcast. Simple and sweet, Pause! I personally can deal without the music you guys play in between breaks. Keep up the good work Combat Jack & Dallas Penn. That intro song is hilarious and kind of wack at the same time. No shots!

  • J.C

    Stru, Elliott Wilson HAD a podcast with his wife (former Vibe Magazine E.I.C) called Take it personal (search iTunes for danyelliott). They came back for a Guru (R.I.P.) edition and went away again.
    Some episode are not on iTunes so check this out.
    Combat Jack this show was long overdue. Keep up the great work brother.