The Apple Store Studio Rat

via boingboing I know I keep talking about this recession fucking people up. But I don’t know if it’s so much the recession keeping this lil homie from getting his parents to cop him a Mac Book -or if lip synching videos and video blogging from inside the Apple Store is just his thing. Whatever [...]

Blogs Week In Review

The Decline of Hip Hop – Hip Hop Is Read De La Soul’s 1st Performance & The Birth Of  The Native Tongues – Dante Ross Live From The Berry ‘Friend Or Foe’  – Marcus Troy Fun Facts About Elliot Wilson – Byron Crawford Idiot vs. Automatic Door – H8torade Love Your Uterus – Harry Allen [...]

Rakim at the Highline Ballroom

I ain’t see the God perform live on stage since like forever. Last night I had the opportunity to peep undisputed greatness. After having to go through some guest list bullshit at the door, me and wifey caught the show. Internets like Dallas Penn, Incilin and How Fresh Eats were in the house. Kid Capri, [...]

The Case for Death Panels

Unless your internets is broken and you don’t get all the channels, you’ve probably read or heard about angry right-wing assholes making a ruckus at town hall meetings around the country. Lawmakers on their August recess are meeting with constituents to hear their thoughts and concerns on proposed health care reform and they usually descend [...]

Blitz The Ambassador Is The Future

*Late Pass* I’ve been running around a lot this week, out of town with wife and kids, recuperating from spazzing out on you know who last week and what not, so sorry I’m bringing this to ya’ll just now. Shouts to Blackneck for covering the Daily Math in my absence. The homie Dallas Peen already [...]

Nike Hyperizes

Seems everyone’s fiending for a return to the 90′s … and supergroups. Nike put Kevin Durant, Rashard Lewis, Mo Williams and Andre Iguodala in a rap crew called the Hyperizers and they dropped this throwback videomercial. They mighta coulda used some 90′s ghostwriters.

The Case for Legalized Prostitution

Last week, this dude, George Sodini, went apeshit in a Pittsburgh LA Fitness health club and shot up the joint, killing 3 women before murking himself. News of his blog rantings about his problems and planned “shoot ‘em up” spread like crazy on the internets and old media systems. The running theory is that he’s a [...]

Peter Rosenberg, Walk Me Through Them Numbers Expert

Emmis: Hebrew for “Truth” Peter Pudge Nubby: A fictional gnome-like character from children’s bedtime stories.  Famous  for making assinine assumptions, stupid comments and ill timed opinions on Urban Radio based solely on arrogance, ignorance and a false sense of entitlement. I blame Byron Crawford for not finishing this dude off when he had the chance [...]

Nick Cannon Needs To Kick Eminem’s Ass

I’m late on this only because my 12 year old son was on a field trip with his summer camp playing football earlier this week when one of his camp counselors tackled him, fracturing two of his fingers. Me, him and wifey have been at the hospital all day getting dude’s shit splinted and wrapped [...]

Rewards For Bad Behavior

The rule of the land goes: if you take police on a high speed car chase, you’re going to jail. If you’re black, you’re probably going to get billy clubbed and stomped. If you’re black and the cops are having a bad day, you’re getting billy clubbed, stomped and shot. But what happens when you’re [...]

“Kenzo Digital’s “City of God’s Son: Cinema for the Blind””

httpv:// I first came up on Kenzo Digital’s dope music project City Of God’s Son earlier this year. Described as “an experimental hip-hop opera starring Nas, Jay-Z, Ghostface, Biggie Smalls, Raekwon, Samuel Jackson, Deloy Lindo and Laurence Fishburne. It is a crime drama/coming of age tale of three fictitious characters growing up in a crime-ridden [...]

Nah Right Radio

So last night the experiment went down. Me, Eskay, Dallas Penn and Marvelous Mo collabo’d with A-King from PNC Radio where they let us invade with the Nah Right Radio concept. We all started a bit tentative until I dropped my drank. Once the Grey Goose hit the floor, it was 2 hours of consistent [...]

Memphis Bleek to Kanye West – “I Want My Spot Back”

I remember when I first met Memphis Bleek (Malik Thurston Cox). This must have been around 1995, when he recorded “Coming Of Age” with Jay-Z. He was about 16 years old then. Jay’s protege. They recorded that song way before “Reasonable Doubt” dropped. Crazy how they was putting that album together, bits and pieces, and [...]

Kelis Turned Fiction to Fortune

“It’s nineteen ninety-now, and there’s certain individuals who swear they rollin’ hard and get robbed on principle.” -mos def It took a little while for the whole Nas/ Kelis thing sink in for me. I don’t know how much money the god Nasir makes, but regardless, I think that 40K a month for child support [...]