The Real Architect of the Matrix – Part2

School’s in session, internets. In the first installment of the Real Architect of the Matrix (It’s been a minute, hasn’t it?), we met Edward Bernays: Sigmund Freud’s nephew and the father of Public Relations in the epic BBC documentary series: The Century of the Self. Today’s  episode, called The Engineering of Consent, takes a look [...]

CJ Cinema: Shock Corridor

Only thing during the work week worser than a Wednesday is a Tuesday. I felt compelled to dig into my stash until I found something I thought you might enjoy. I decided to lend it to you, let ya’ll hold it for a minute. [||]. A clip from one of the dopest cult underground flicks [...]

“I Do This For My Culture”

You know how every now and then I’ll drop some random personal rambling quasi-motivational posts on ya’ll? This is one of them. Was try’na wait til the end of the month, you know, bring in the last quarter with a bang. But sometimes my thoughts take over, and I’m learning slowly how to get out of [...]

Blogs Week In Review

The Woman Lamar Odom Didn’t Marry – TMZ Byron Crawford’s Lost Tapes – Shabooty Why M.O.P.’s ‘Foundation’ Only Sold 2,100 Copies – Unkut 9 Rappers Desperately In Need Of A Name Change – The Smoking Section How Much Is Your Twitter Account Worth? – Crazy Sexy Techie Cool Crappy Taxidermy (via Khal) – Crappy Taxidermy [...]

"There's A War Going On Outside" / Letters From The Front Lines

Let me switch it up a bit. I told ya’ll about my homie Gabe a few months back, how he enlisted with Uncle Sam in our fucked the fucked up great war against terrorism. Gabe was just deployed to Afghanistan earlier this month. My dude just sent an email letter (gotta love technology) and I [...]

Daggering – Break 'Em Off Some ([||] just in case)

*LATE PASS* You like rough sex? Me too. Sometimes. The homette Angela Yee put me up on the daggering craze a couple of months ago. No, not like that. Via Twitter. Daggering, or “daggeration”, is Jamaican slang for very, very VERY rough sex. According to the Urban Dicktionary, Daggering is where the penis [||], during [...]

Combat Jack vs. Lyor Cohen -or- How I Faced The Original T.I. And Survived To Blog About It, Part II

i give you nothing but continuous heat you will find NOWHERE else and still you talk shit while i’m busy crafting another 2000 plus word banger for your reading enjoyment. smh. like i’m getting paid by y’all to agonize over this, like i don’t have a life with a dime wife and kids and grown [...]

Combat Jack vs. Lyor Cohen -or- How I Faced The Original T.I. And Survived To Blog About It

“All white men is runnin this rap shit, Corporate forces runnin this rap shit, The Tall Israeli is runnin this rap shit” – Mos Def, “The Rape Over” I haven’t written a post like this in a while. Not that I ran out of them, stories of my days as a record exec, but because [...]

Is Jay-Z A Witch?

For real though. Not that I was initially asking, but when the homie Marcus Troy sent me this article from The Vigilant Citizen, I read it and it most definitely had me going “hmmmm”. I’m usually not down with the conspiracy theorist set, but you can’t deny that some strange shit has been going down [...]

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Once again, sorry I kept ya’ll. Summer’s over and I had to take care of some personal business. Took a long ass weekend off and escaped to the mountains of Pennsylvania where I get minimal to no internet service. I need that sometimes. Even though she’s a Brooklynite like me, wifey hates the Labor Day [...]

“Unknown Soldier Vol. 1: Haunted House” – Book Review

I heard about this a couple of months back when it first hit the book stores as a monthly comic title. I kinda slept on it, not really, I just prefer to read dope series in trade form, collected volumes of the individual issues usually packaged better in quality. They call them graphic novels. But [...]

Raekwon – “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. II” Album Review

Holy fucking Moley! Not even a day after Jay-Z’s “The Blueprint 3″ leaking and I’m downloading getting another advance listening copy of Raekwon’s “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Pt II” from my same friends in high places. Since the big wigs in the industry continue in recognizing me as a world renown taste maker and [...]

Blogs Week In Review

The Big L Story – DJ Premier The Mayor Of Sneakerdom – The Village Voice 28 Weeks Later Director Helm BioShock – Wired Nas vs. Nardwuar – Hip Hop Is Read A Guiness World Record for Batman: Arham Asylum – Game Focus Man Starves Wife Until She Has Sex With Him (It Was Legal) – [...]

Microsoft: Racist Basterds

Anyone who knows me knows I can’t muthafucking damn stand Microsoft. Fuck a Bing. Fuck a Windows. Fuck a Xbox360. Fuck ‘em all… I hate ‘em. But honestly, as virulently anti-Microsoft as your boy is, the last thing I was expecting was to see the picture above. Turns out someone in Skip Gates’s long-lost cousin’s [...]

iPhone Gun Music

httpv:// I’m in the market for a new phone and I was digging around looking for reviews and I came across this video. “They should have never gave y’all kniccas no iPhones.” Or at least access to the App Store. Funniest shit is that in the right car system, you might could cause some real [...]