The Return of Damon Dash Episode


Showbill by Theotis Jones

Damon Dash is making noise. Noise inspiring to some and uncomfortable to others. No punches pulled, shots most definitely fired. Everybody gets hit. Let’s go.

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  • nikolas88

    What’s dame realy saying? His he hiting the pipe or what? Did he sit down Jay and Nas when they were beefing? Right, he built his company off that. And what does he mean by “culture vultures”? Is he saying people from other cultures shouldn’t be part of hip-hop? let’s see how record sales survive that. Dame now that you’re out of the music business and nobody there wants you, is when you feel you can be the champion?

    • G. Avant

      It’s crazy how people act like they dont know what a “culture vulture” is SMFH. A culture vulture is someone who’s not of the culture, could really careless as to the the condition of the culture and the creators of it but exploit it for their own gains, exploit it for profit by any means. Flex got people thinking its just a race thing when its not smh

      • nikolas88

        You think Dame Dash cared about the culture or about making his money when he was in the music business? Money slowed up and all of a sudden he’s on hsi crusade to out the culture vultures? WHat about beans saying he owes him money? Wasn’t dash taking advantage of him? And who is not of the culture? What are the pre-requisite to be of the culture? Is Rick Ruben considered part of the culture or nah? And this idiot dash is talking about people shouldn’t be talking about other men’s business. WHat’s he doing? He’s a clown. And since he’s so bossed up, why is he going around begging for a forum to express himself.

        • G. Avant

          I’m sure Dame may have some dirt on him too. But If you dont respect the culture and the people of the culture then you’re not of the culture. Hip Hop’s been getting raped for years by people like this so I dont know why people trying to act dumb all of a sudden. That’s why even though he may have done some questionable things himself I like what he’s doing because plenty of people need calling out. And from what i know Ruben is legit it’s not a black and white thing it just so happens that many that fit this description are of another color.

        • Mind Design

          You don’t have a clue about what you’re talking? Number 1, you don’t even understand the concept of culture vulture, which by the way is a Dame conjured up term. He defined it for you, but you want to gloss over it and sound like Flex. Number 2, You don’t know anything about his business dealings, so hop off Flex’s nuts and get your facts straight.

          • nikolas88

            Lol..Hop off Dames Nuts..Do you know anything about his dealings? No. And what you do know is him profitting when Jay n Nas were beefing. Him profitting when his artists were beefing. Him profitting from making our culture look bad. So dame conjured up a term and that’s suppose to make him god ?

    • Rgeezy

      Is that you Funk Flex?GTFOH

    • karega

      Who the fuck is this Flex or something?

      • 1970suntin


  • JustinnLamar


  • Jihad


  • worldcom1804

    Great interview for those with a non bias mind-set.Great interview for those who fully comprehends the term ” culture Vultures”. It’s very rare in our day & age to really listen to an intellectual discussion in which speaks about facts, opinions about the music industry.The platform raised a lot of awareness to what most of us were either probably thinking or knew little about.Being a entrepreneur/business man myself I understood all too well what Damon Dash spoke of.Most of us are still living in our own prison mind-set where inmost instances we tend to defend really something we are not part of, we are more of a tax id# than anything else.This platform by far was not a hate discussion but more of a self awareness.

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  • karega

    Very enlightening interview. One can acknowledge the clarity he has. It is just like when Kanye went off on his bigger than Walmart. Most of these lousy fucks don’t even understand what vision is. The only vision they have is ‘shitting on haters in the Range.’ lol…

  • Whis Master

    What rap beef is he talking about? Whatever rap beef going on today is weak as hell compared to how it was back in the days.

  • TiTua

    You Need to Sit Dame and Flex on the Same Room with Jack asking the Questions and Without Flex Dropping Bombs


      How the fuck does Dame point fingers at Lyor, when he was exploiting hiphop (and african-americans in general) just like Lyor has? If Dame wasnt broke, he would still be at it so dont give me that shit about how Lyor is evil etc fuckouttahere.

      • RG3

        Nah not really last couple projects dame put out was black keys n curren$y does so positive artist,, his product has evoled from gangster rap

      • ZionistSlaveEconomicEngine

        that nigga is a total clown.

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  • Youknowwhatiitis

    This is a great interview…love the graphic art.

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  • DomBrady

    Fantastic stuff.

  • Whis Master

    Dame blaming Curren$y’s lawyers for a situation he created. He is a very definition of a snake, convincing you others are you doing you wrong when it’s really him.

    • padrino

      @Whis master. The exact thing I’ve been saying for years. Every time this nigga has an interview JayZ will be the topic. But he’s such a stand up guy.

  • Go Getter

    I really appreciated Dam’s Interview. You spoke the Truth about these Suckas.

  • Go Getter

    All off them are Culture Jackers. Fuck Lyor, Jay Brown, Big Jon Joie ie, Tubby, Steve Hoe Ass Stout,

  • Go Getter

    Fuck Mike Kyser, Kevin Lies, Steve Rifkind, Naim Ali, Julie Greenwald, Let’s keep it 100
    It’s Many more. Get Rid of the The Business would be much Better. Real Recognize Real
    I’m for Dame Dash, Irv Gotti
    Jay Prince, Dick Griffey, Cash Money, No Limit, Dogg House Record. Ted Lucas, Sick Wit it
    Fuck Suge, but all Those that have the Hustler Sprit.


    Dame Dash “Ego” is his Downfall……In the words of Das Efx “Check Yo-Self before You Wreck Yo-Self!”

    • Whis Master

      exactly it’s always someones else’s fault.

    • ZionistSlaveEconomicEngine

      that nigga said “culture vulture”

  • #1 Pick
  • Heaven Hollywood

    now that your a little more broke? You forgot that

  • Heaven Hollywood

    but you didn’t deny you no longer have 200-300 million

    • Younomysteez

      If that’s all u got from this interview u are apart of the problem.


    Excellent interview.

  • EyesOpen

    “these guys ain’t businessmen, they just pretend to our culture that they are..”

  • kevin king

    just say it it’s JEWS

  • kevin king

    Just say it it was the jews

  • basqus

    Who is cuudi ashiqui Damon was mentioning on Creative Control?


    I heard both sides. WE have to go by their word as to what went down. Considering BOTH sides, Dame sounds bitter.

  • John Clinton Porter

    maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan you mufukkaz should have BEEN doing this shit!!!!!!!
    we needed this shit in the 90’s

  • John Clinton Porter

    reading the comments…….

    #1 how the fuk do grown ass men count/ contemplate/ think about how much money another mans money adds up???

    #2 how the fuk do a bunch of FANS / STANS – niggaahz that havent/ arent doing ANYTHING by way of accomplishments in LIFE!!!!

    #3 this mans failures……….. are better than your best successes…

    #4 dame might be fuked up…. BUT he’s OUR fuked up! we should CELEBRATE his achievements & brightest the way white ppl do with their fuked up white ppl.


    there is some truth to all that has been said here:

  • John Clinton Porter

    reading the comments…….

    #1 how the fuk do grown ass men count/ contemplate/ think about how much money another mans money adds up???

    #2 how the fuk do a bunch of FANS / STANS – niggaahz that havent/ arent doing ANYTHING by way of accomplishments in LIFE!!!!

    #3 this mans failures……….. are better than your best successes…

    #4 dame might be fuked up…. BUT he’s OUR fuked up! we should CELEBRATE his achievements & brightest the way white ppl do with their fuked up white ppl.


    there is some truth to all that has been said here:

  • BuckDat

    He’s full of shit about Lyor. He might be a CEO and makes money of the culture. But he entered Hip-Hop as a young person when there was no money. He was dusted with Russel in the trenches for years.

  • ZionistSlaveEconomicEngine

    did this clown just refer to people as being “culture vulture’s” pretend to be uplifting peoples minds and then promote trash rap songs. these niggas made millions rapping about exploiting other peoples lives and communities. you’re an oxymoron. and this aint subliminal, nigga

  • Jason

    not sure how i feel about this whole saga. i think flex and dash both have points. but the worst part about this interview was dame saying hes grown and not so much of an asshole anymore, but he completely became an asshole at the end of the show, telling everyone to call out names, and telling the dj to scroll out of there. didnt sound right.

  • @iRAPnSHIT *my twitter*

    I wonder if there is any video footage on this interview

  • Ro Chambeaux

    Had to bail 15 minutes in. Was there a point to this episode beside Dame being full of it?


    F It Dame is still the man in the music business. He’s just on to the next business. My team would sign with Dame Dash tomorrow if the opportunity came about. we’ll make noise worldwide.

  • knomtawkinbout

    Dame is undercutting his opponents in a way that it makes him look ruthless. I’m sure he’s structured his persona that way so you never disagree with him.

    He reminds me of those fight videos when the KO’d guy gets punched 2 or 3 times after he’s already down. That’s Dame punching. Nobody wants to walk with someone who’s ruthless like that because they attract trouble.

    …and I’m only halfway through the episode!

  • PlayerScottFree

    Great to hear his angle. Glad you let him talk.

  • ForceMajeure

    Excellent interview,nuff respect.

  • Chris Johnson

    Dame is begininning to name the names of the parasites that continue to bloodsuck the culture and its practicioners. When he names Cohen, Todd Moscowitz and other corporate heads, we now have a CLEAR focus at the REAL enemies of hip-hop culture and rap music.

  • chikara power

    Combat you went out like a sucka in this interview!! How is it that Dame can talk about other people’s business but no one can about his? He didn’t even answer most of the questions you asked of him even when it was about his business. Come on Combat. Come on. Who was running the interview Dame or you. This dude changed the subject so many times. I’ve lost respect. Welcome to the Dame Dash Show. Pause…..

  • Andre Mack

    That was a great interview. Sounds like the music business is a very competitive sport with winners and casualties that mostly include artists. None of those executives or even Funk Master Flex will ever have that substantive sit down in public with Dame Dash. NEVER.

  • Andre Mack

    One thing I did notice was there were no questions about Beanie Siegel’s accusations.In fact, there was very little talk about the Rocafella break-up.

  • Andre Mack

    “What relatable experiences does a 46 year old (Funk Master Flex) have with a 15 year old (the demographic of Hot 97 is 15 to 25 year olds)? He’s had the same job for 25 years. Why would you be 46 and be hanging out with 15 and 25 year olds. That’s real talk….from Dame Dash.

  • DaveSincere

    I love this interview. I listened to 3 and a half interviews on my drive from Atlanta to NY.. I got there in NO TIME.

    I love how Dame clowned Funk Master Flex.. He dropped a lot of jewels about being your own boss and owning your own business.