Video: The 2012 Al Lindstrom.Com Rookie Of The Year and Most Improved Artist

That time of year again.

The Hip-Hop Award Season is BACK! This year we’ve brought Joe La Puma of Complex Magazine, B. Dot of Rap Radar, Combat Jack, Jayson Rodriguez of XXL, and Jeff Sledge to debate to best of the year. In our first video we debate if theres a bigger rookie than Chief Keef, and it’s Nas vs Pusha T vs Big Sean for Most Improved.

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XXL’s Top 100 Hip-Hop Websites List


The Daily Mathematics finally made it. As much as I’m honored, being this is the first list ever to mention me, we all know there’s some cats that mos deserve mention. Like Eskay mentioned, some of the sites don’t even have no types of Hip Hop dna in their blood. Not shots either, but really, what the eff is a list? Still, after the jump, peep the lineup,listed in alphabetical order: (more…)

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Combat Jack Joins XXL

xxl-covers-group-1Remember when I told ya’ll recently how I had an announcement to make? This isn’t it. Real talk, an unexpected opportunity came my way, a pretty big one too. Something that I had been planning for for a while. Entertainment related. Media related. Mad exposure. A bigger platform to support the Daily Math. Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the office. A week after the offer was made, the cats I was building with became real hard to find. Because I know how things get in the entertainment industry, I got a lil nervous. I started making mad calls, emails, text messages, Twitter tweets. Nada. This wall of silence went on for like a week and a half, even going past the day I was told I’d be starting. Yes. I got real nervous. (more…)

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