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Video: The @ElliottWilson Interview, Part 3

“I don’t give a fuck, but I care so much.”

In the last part of the Elliott Wilson interview we learn that Just Blaze committed to his tech column in XXL Magazine due to a bet, how Elliott keeps EVR hot, and what Combat and YN have to say about the connection between rap beef and real beef.

Part 1, Part 2

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God Of War 3

I’ve been telling ya’ll for some time now about how ill the PlayStation 3 console is. Superior to the X-Box 360 even. I know, X-Box kills with it’s online game, hands down, but in terms of machinery, trust, PS3 all day. I also told you about the God Of War Collection. Last night at 12am, God Of War 3 dropped. I had to hop into the car to drive two neighborhoods over to Park Slope to cop my reserved copy. In Crown Heights the Gamestop doesn’t participate in any of the midnight releases. Only because cats have been known to run up in it toting iron. Ain’t no game worth that risk.

So far, the critics are going nuts about GOW3. They’ve been bandying this term around, but it seems to be the only one that fits. EPIC. I just now ripped the packaging off and played about 2 hours worth. I just bodied Poseidon’s bish ass.   The PS3 is like the human brain in that, like how humans only use like 10% of their brain power, most PS3 games only utilize a small percentage of its hardware. GOW3 pushes the envelope way past the charts. There’s so much going on on screen that at times, your character Kratos seems like an ant in how small he is. Then just like that, the camera zooms in to give you front row action. Not only is GOW3 the most violent of the trilogy, but the savagery fits the tone of where Kratos’ head is at, after being eff’d around by them Greek gods from the first two games. On top of the superb visuals, the sound direction really spills out cinematically. With an excellent cast, led by actor TC Carson of ‘Living Single’ fame, Kratos comes off with true Black man swagger, even though his skin is covered white by the ashes of the dead, a curse he picked up on his way to becoming the ultimate killing machine. I was tweeting with famed Media Assassin Harry Allen, and when discussing Kratos’ Blackness, Harry had this to say: “Kratos’s dynamism & explosiveness is one of the miracles of gaming. He’s purely adrenal, utterly breathtaking in action.” Harry ain’t never lie, so this time it’s okay to believe the hype.

Please believe when I say this is net generation gaming at it’s best. If you’re even remotely interested in video games, you need this in your life, like how you need food, water and sex. If you don’t own a Playstation 3 but profess to be on top of that fly shit, would you kindly walk over to your nearest bridge and back flip off. It’s that serious. The gaming revolution is here, and it’s been televised and is now being shown on Youtube.

Being that I currently have a LOT of projects on my plate, I am so fucked.


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God Of War Collection


Shit’s been so hectic with life, love and XXL that I haven’t had the chance to freak the geek in me. I keep telling ya’ll PlayStation 3 is the superior console on the market. X-box Live keeps it funky with the exclusive titles but them Sony boys is smartening up though. (more…)

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Uhm, I Like Gay Tony. [||].


Last year’s top video game was Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV, Liberty City. I played it from beginning to end. Shit was fires. So hooked was I that when I heard Rockstar would be releasing downloadable content as an add on exclusively for the X-Box Live earlier this year, I actually went out and purchased a 2nd copy (as my first was for the PS3, a machine that I believe is far more superior to the X-Box). The downloadable title Lost And The Damned took place in the same crafted Liberty City as the events of GTA IV (a meticulously built miniature New York City, along with boroughs and various parts of neighboring New Jersey). Lost And The Damned was a completely different story, darker and more violent, about members of a bike gang and their going ons. It also featured some of the main characters from GTA IV. Needless to say, this add on was also fires. (more…)

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Uncharted 2 – Among Thieves, Best Video Game Of 2009?


No payment of monies or any other types of Payola was received in the writing of this post.

This is what I’ve been doing during the last 7 days. Morning. Noon. Night. I wasn’t expecting Uncharted 2 -Among Thieves to be this good. I wasn’t effin with the franchise, especially since I played a bit of it’s predecessor Uncharted -Drake’s Fortune back in 2007. The first one was good technically, incredible graphics and fluid game play earned the title high ratings amongst critics. The game centered around main character Drake, a rugged wise-cracking white boy doing his best Indiana Jones’ impression dead in the middle of a quest in Africa the Carribbean, seeking treasure and fighting bad guys along the way. Problem was, all the bad guys were African. Black Africans. After a couple of hours of me as a heavily armed white boy bucking down nothing. but. Black. people. in. Africa, I had to put the sticks down. Shit didn’t sit well with me. Plus, I couldn’t stand the thought of my sons taking in all that cool looking vile imagery from a “fun” video game. I returned the disc to my local Game Stop with the quickness, vowing never again to support  the Uncharted brand.


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