The Combat Jack Show: The Jeff Weiss Lost Episode



As you might have heard, Shots Fired, the iconic LA podcast staring Jeff Weiss and MC Nocando, is the latest addition to the LoudSpeakers Podcast Network. A couple of months ago Combat and Premium sat down with Jeff, aka Passion of the Weiss, and chopped it up regarding his book “Tupac Vs Biggie: An Illustrated History of Rap’s Greatest Battle“, his podcast, whether white boys are running hip-hop journalism and insights into Jay’s ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’  album. Not to mention a walk down memory lane through the golden age of hip-hop blogs.

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Video: Raekwon Talks Why He and Ghostface Are The EPMD Of The Wu-Tang Clan



Rae speaks on how Wu-Tang took a page from the book of the legendary Hit Squad team.

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The Terrance Dean (@TerranceDean) Teh Ghey Episode


In response to the phenomena of Frank Ocean’s coming out and the dropping of Channel Orange, we had Terrance Dean, author the controversial books Hiding In Hip Hop and Mogul drop by to discuss Hip Hop and homosexuality, homophobia, why Ocean’s coming out is so necessary, do gays play the pause game and whether we are now living in a “Post Gay Hip Hop America”. Dallas used two hands. Pause.

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The Heems (@Himanshu) x Dapwell (@Dapwell) Das Racist Episode


In which we talked about…. a lot of random shit, including how Das Racist started, 9-11, being a media darling Indie act (no pun) and the future of the group. Then we got some bars as Just Blaze pulled out the portable turntable(s). Don’t ever call Das Racist “joke rap” again.

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History of the Hologram in Entertainment: Past, Present, & Future (by Matt Raz)

Earlier this week, what was described by fans as an extremely life-like hologram of the late rapper Tupac was unveiled at the Coachella Music & Arts festival in California. Coachella, for many years a safehaven for apathetic indie rock fans who’ve come to see nostalgic acts reunite, out-did themselves this year with the thug-poet’s resurrection, complete with requisite Timbs, six-pack, and synthesized voice.

Technically not a hologram at all, the tech firm (incorrectly) calls the spectacle a “holographic image” that has it’s foundation in a 16th century optical illusion called “Pepper’s Ghost”. The technology harnessed by San Diego firm AV Concepts carries a price tag in the ballpark of $100,000 – $400,000.

Dr. Dre has recently explored the possibility of bringing the Pac ‘gram on tour, and as the gimmick gains popularity, it’s availability will be democratized. Holograms will go from being a luminescent symbol of authenticity on New Era’s, Topps cards, and Driver’s Licenses, and become a truly ubiquitous part of daily life. Join me as we explore the utilization of holograms in popular culture, past, present, and future.


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Video: Tupac’s Coachella 2012 Performance

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg set the world ablaze as they rocked the Coachella stage with a life like hologram of the late, great Tupac Shakur.  “Performing” “Gangsta Party, “Hail Mary” and “Amerikaz Most Wanted”, the holographic presentation reportedly cost $10 million dollars to produce.

Tupac never performed “Hail Mary” on stage when he was alive. Contrary to the rumor floating around, fellow deceased Death Row member Nate Dogg did not appear via hologram.

via International Business Times 

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Video: As Reported By Just Blaze: Man Goes On “Grand Theft Auto” Type Crime Spree In Nashville

Last week on The Combat Jack Show feat. Dallas Penn, Just Blaze broke the story of William Todd’s 11 hour Grand Theft Auto like crime spree that occured in Nashville, Tenn.

According to The Huffington Post:

3:05 a.m.: Todd burglarizes a business, stealing a Taser, a revolver and a shotgun. He fires shots, steals a T-shirt and then lights the place on fire.

3:30 a.m.: Todd finds four people at a local watering hole, holds them at gunpoint, Tases one, pistol whips another and steals everyone’s cash.

3:40 a.m.: He carjacks a cab and heads to Walmart to spend $200 on supplies.

5 a.m. to 6 a.m.: Todd breaks into a law office, defecates on a desk and smears poo all over some framed law degrees.

6 a.m.: Todd hits Hotel Indigo nearby, where he impersonates a female housekeeper and then steals $600 from a Canadian couple at gunpoint. He was crying the whole time.

Some time later: He shaves his head and leaves.

9 a.m.: Todd crashes his stolen cab into a parking garage.

11:30 a.m.: He hails a new cab, holds the driver at knifepoint, and takes his new ride to Opry Mills shopping mall. He submerges himself in a vat of water until cops find and arrest him.

Sounds like dude is the official Curious George of crime.

via The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed

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MAF Feat. Masta Ace – 'Where I'm From'

I got the call from the homie Clark Kent. Told me this young boy was up next. MAF. Brooklyn. You already know how I feel about that. Masta Ace is ALWAYS a bonus. Plus, the video is tight as it’s a whose who extravaganza. Remember his name. And remember A.T.F.



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What You Didn't Know About Gavin Marchand (And Steve Stoute)

Rap Radar broke this story earlier today. About how Gavin Marchand, younger brother of rapstress Foxy Brown (Inga Marchand) was “busted in New York last week for possessing a forged credit card and running a $8,000 tab at Hermes . If convicted he’s looking at 15 years behind bars.” They got the full story from that gossip tabloid they call the Daily Post.


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Black People Twitter

Do you use Twitter? I’m in love with that platform. A whole lotta people that I do the majority of my communication with these days use Twitter as well. Black and white and etc. Did you read this Slate piece called ‘How Black People Use Twitter’? Really, I’m not kidding. Anyways, the piece starts out by featuring the above image of a brown Twitter bird rocking an oversized fitted. Wtf? I thought the tweet bird was blue. And the fitted is kind of insulting in that it’s a stereotypical image of what Black people rock. On the real though, the fitted is kind of dope, and I’d rock one in sz 7 3/8, but only if it were an official Nu Era joint. (more…)

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R.I.P. Born Reality

Ya’ll know how much I love Brooklyn, and how I stay in the neighborhood I grew up in, Crown Heights. Some of ya’ll might have also seen how my home was featured on that HGTV show. Crown Heights is on the come up, gentrification is in full swing. Shit is looking sweet ’round here. (more…)

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Apologies In Order

I don’t really know what the fluck is going on. This internet virus shit is a pain. Last week as I was about to get busy with my blog 1,2, I noticed my shit getting flagged for being virus laden again. WTF? I’ve since left Network Solutions, the server that was hosting this site. Still, I’m getting a couple of virus notices on my end. Is that what you’re seeing on your end? Please let me know.

I’m apologizing because a loyal reader from the UK hit me direct message via Twitter last week to inform me that them viruses from his site shut his computer down. Huh? Shortly after, a sister from Brooklyn hit me via Twitter to let me know her computer got shut down after visiting my site as well. That. is. so. not. cool. I took another week off to work out the kinks, make sure them bugs dint follow me here. I won’t be having the Daily-Math shut you good peoples’ computers down. Before that happens, I will shut this bitch down first and good. Word.

So here we go again. Another shot. Secret confession, I’ve been using my viruses to let me get slow and lazy. What part of the game is that? Here’s to a virus free run. Let’s go.

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On The Bubble: Vado

It’s been a rough couple of years for New York Hip-Hop. Yeah, Jay-Z & Raekwon  may have done some decent numbers considering the current climate in the record industry, but recent albums from Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Fat Joe, Jim Jones and Capone & Noreaga weren’t up to the artists usual standards and while the latest from Nas, 50 Cent, Cam’ron, Maino, have gotten praise from critics and fans, they still sold way less albums then expected, especially considering the amount of buzz they had and the attention they received from the rap media. Add that with the fact that the industry has seemingly stopped pushing new acts from New York in favor of signing one hit wonder/ringtone rap acts, Southern rappers (they seem to be all the rage these days) or dumbed down production driven music that will get spins on the radio today but will be irrelevant next month (C-O-N-spiracy?) and you begin to see why New York rap is in such an abysmal state.  But the blame doesn’t fall squarely on the labels, the radio or the fans of Southern Hip-Hop. The young rappers from New York who actually have talent are mostly clueless as to what it means to be actual artists and the OG’s are usually too concerned with their own thing to provide the proper guidance, if any at all. This usually results in new rappers putting out  music that panders to the radio and is so concerned with getting love outta town, it lacks any kind of identity. If you can’t connect with the people where you’re from and get hot in your own hood, you can’t expect people to feel you anywhere else.

That’s where Harlem’s Vado comes in. (more…)

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There’s something in the Kool-Aid. Or the red cup… the Ciroc or whatever rappers are sippin’ nowadays. Whatever it is, something just doesn’t feel right. Actually, it does, but it wasn’t supposed to happen for another few years, if ever again.

There’s balance in hip-hop.


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You already heard how opinions are like assholes. I was invited by to join a group of Internets Tastemakers to review Eminem’s 1st single “Not Afraid” off his upcoming Recovery album. The Consensus panel consists of yours truly, along with Miss Info (, Andrew Noz (, Jake Paine (, Nation (, Dallas Penn (, Elliott Wilson (, Robbie Ettelson (, Eskay (, John Gotty (The Smoking Section), Jeff Rosenthal (, Meka (, Peter Rosenberg (, Nigel D. (, Maurice Garland (, and Noah Callahan-Bever (Complex).

I’m honored to be down with such an impressive group of cats that I really respect. Peep to see how we all felt about “Not Afraid”.

What’s The Consensus? The Internets Top Tastemakers React To Eminems’ “Not Afraid”

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Combat Jack's Six Step Plan For Whole Foods Racial Harmony

I just left Whole Foods located in Union Square. I sometimes cop breakfast from there after dropping off my kids to school. This morning I mixed some of the hot food (turkey bacon) with some of the cold food (seaweed salad, quinoa) in my take out container. I’m tryna stay healthy. So I get to the cashier, and the West Indian girl behind the register asks me if the food is from the hot or cold section. I say both, then joke about how I’m not tryna break no laws. She scoffs, then goes into a tirade about “how yoo should see ‘ow these people comes in ‘ere an’ eat up a ‘hole lotta food, then come to the register, complain ‘ow they di’na like it an’ refuse to pay! Everyday! Meanwhiles, security is wastin time followin’ Black people who don’ steal nothing.” Huh? People are allowed to eat foods up in Whole Foods, way before paying? I never got that memo. But I did understand the greater message. Whole Foods, like most US institutions, have antiquated racist policies when it comes to how it deals with it’s patrons. (more…)

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