SlaughterHouse vs. Wu-Tang. Let’s Go!!!

rapper-joe-budden-raekwon-photo-1There’s been a lot going on of late between SlaughterHouse and Wu-Tang. Specifically, 1st, some sparring words between Joe Buddens and Method Man, and as of this weekend, Buddens and Raekwon. This weekend, during the Rock The Bells Tour in Los Angeles, Buddens was approached by Raekwon and members of his entourage. During that encounter, Buddens was allegedly snuffed in the eye. Bong. We all know how Buddens gets loose with the lip service, and some say he’s more that had it coming to him.

Royce The 5′ 9″ came through with the back up and backed up Raekwon personally, letting him and crew know that no one would’a snuck Joe had Royce been there. No one denied that:


Then Joe dropped a video challenging Rae to a one on one “Square Dance”.


Not really mad at Joe wanting to go the old fashioned route. But regardless of whether Joe and Rae thump, I think what the game needs right now is a real classic war of the words between two formidable opponents. In one corner, you have the Wu, a tried and tested veteran collective of skilled lyricists who have been throwing verbal darts for years. In the other, SlaughterHouse, a band of solo wordsmiths coming together to create strength in numbers in a climate that no longer appreciates the art of emceeing.

In my opinion, the last time Hip Hop had a valid war of words between two gifted combatants was the Jay-Z/ Nas fued. Hip Hop needed that. It was dope. Not at all one sided. That was also back in 2001. Close to 10 years ago. Too long.

As much as a physical fight would satisfy the blood lust in some of us, how much more entertaining would it be if these two factions just gave the people what we want. Instead of signing petitions and what not calling for blood, these dudes need to give us what we really want. Let’s get back to what Hip Hop is really about, banging on wax.

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