Audio: The Shyne (@OriginalShyne) Episode


Moses Michael Levi walked us through that fateful night and talks about how he aimed at the shoulder meats and not the ceiling, his thoughts on the Israel/ Palestinian conflict, why he endorsed Mitt Romney, whether he’s having fun or not in life and why he doesn’t need therapy. It’s bigger than rap.

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Welcome Back Shyne Po


Jamal Barrow, p/k/a Shyne comes home today.

After nearly nine years of incarceration for his party in a shooting at a Manhattan night club in 1999, Shyne is finally set for release.

Welcome back my dude. Live your life to the fullest!


UPDATE: Shyne remains in custody due to immigration status. Uncle Sam still knows how to pull some cruel sadistic shit on cats.

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Shyne, The Last Bad Boy


It had to be around 9:30 am. I was in the office extra early that morning, like around 8:30. I usually got in a little after 10, but I had some contract work I needed to squeeze out. The phones usually started ringing at 10 am and after 11 the rest of my day would be held hostage by back to back meetings that I had lined up, going ’til around 7pm. Focused in the early morning quiet, I was interrupted by my office phone ringing, the 1st call of the day clocking in at around 9:45. I picked it up and was introduced for the first time to Manny.


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