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The DMC Episode



The King Of Rock Darryl McDaniels raps harder than he ever did on this episode, spitting about coming up under the influence of the Cold Crush and the Furious Five, the rise of Run-DMC, the GOAT rap group, alcoholism, being an orphan, the death of Jam Master Jay and the eventual break up of the group. He also talks about his lifelong love for comic books and how he’s about to publish his own under his Darryl Makes Comics company. This interview is guaranteed tougher than leather.

Learn more about Darryl Makes Comics and support his Kickstarter campaign here.

The Freddie Gibbs and Jamal Jimoh Episode



Gangsta Gibbs makes his third appearance as a guest host. We talk about his foray into Hollywood, why he has beef with Jadakiss, his upcoming album with Madlib and the time Michael Jackson visited Gary, Indiana. We also go into the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial. Jamal Jimoh of Nick Cannon fame also talks his 125 pound weight loss and what Dallas Penn, A-King and I need to do to live healthier. #HotOilWrestling

Freddie Gibbs’ ‘ESGN’ on sale now.

The Stevie J and Ed Woods Episode



The current king of Black people reality tv stopped by. He’s more than just a funny face. Stevie J takes us back to when he was down with Jodeci, Bad Boy, Eve, the Jacksons. Wait til you hear who smacked the shit out of who, why he thinks Madonna and barbiturates killed Devanté Swing’s career, and all the other things he experienced before LHHATL. This episode might end up in your top 5. It doesn’t stop Internets.

The Roc Marciano Episode




We’ve been trying to get this Hempstead, Long Island mc on our show for 3 years and we finally got him. Talk about history, from being a kid in Public Enemy’s Bomb Squad studio to rocking out with Busta Rhymes’ Flip Mode Squad, street hustling to going solo and dropping the Reloaded classic, this veteran ain’t no new jack, Jack. Marci also talks about being and exec and label co-owner, and why a whore’s clitoris tastes like porridge. Download and reload now!!!


The Mike Holman Episode



On the latest episode of The Combat Jack Show, we start off with Parfit from Ambrosia4Heads, and we get a serious history lesson courtesy OG Michael Holman, best known as the creator of the short lived but incredibly influential early 80s hip-hop show Graffiti Rock. As a co-founder of the experimental band Gray with Jean-Michel Basquaiat, Hollman waxes poetic about what made Basquait such a force not only then, but to this day.

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Graffiti Rock 30th Anniversary KickStarter Page

The Foxy Brown Episode



“Foxy did this. Foxy did that.” There’s been mad talk about the Ill Na Na since like forever, and while ya’ll keep staying with your face in her puss, I guarantee you ain’t ever hear Foxy talk in first person like this. From her pops bouncing when she was 4 years old, to dating Haitian Jack at 14, her and Jay Z moving from the bench to the studio to the top, getting sucker punched with the deafness, her relationship with Nicki Minaj, that bid in jail.. I put money on it that this is the realest shit she ever spoke.

She took all your shots and now she’s firing back. You think she can’t hear you? You’re about to hear her loud and clear b.

You gon’ learn today.

And for those asking, Foxy steps on stage at the 20 min mark. Before that, treat yourself to a talk with @HipHopObama from, in which we find out more about your favorite site and break down Hot 97′s recent Summer Jam.


The Glen E. Friedman & Theotis Jones Episode



OG photographer Glen E Friedman, the only man who can claim to have captured the definitive moments of the early days of hip-hop, skateboarding and punk rock waxed historical poetry on this episode. If you’re sleeping on him, peep Glen’s covers for seminal albums like ‘It Takes Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back’ and ‘Yo! Bum Rush The Show’, LL’s ‘Bad’, The Beastie Boy’s ’Check Your Head’ and of course, Ice T’s ‘Power’.

On top of knowledge facts, Glen goes at Dallas Penn’s Republican dreams and meat loving ways while giving less than %1 of a fuxs.

The Loud Speaker Network very own Theotis Jones stopped by to put a voice to the name and breaks down why he continues to visually bring heat to The Combat Jack Show.

The Return of Touré Episode



Showbill by Theotis Jones

MSNBC’s own Touré returned ready for combat. The convo was all over the place, from his new book “I would Die 4 U: Why Prince Became An Icon” to working with Nas on his upcoming autobiography, to Touré firing shots at the crew for labeling him the white one. Pete challenges Touré for being an a.s.s.h.o.l.e. and a poser. Who wins? Tune in and see, once again, Touré at his blackest. #Newmanati!. “I Would Die 4 U: Why Prince Became An Icon” available in stores now.

The Fan Bros and Bangladesh Episode



In this week’s episode, the crew address some very important issues; the launch of the Complex TV Show, the future of the podcast and why the Internets want to pit Combat against Elliott Wilson. Then Chico Leo from our very own Fan Bros podcast fends off an attach from Premium Pete and sets the record straight on people of color and geek culture.

If that weren’t enough for your earhole, we also include our live Bangladesh interview from NY Tech Day/ Red Bull Academy.

The Styles P Episode



The Ghost came in and rocked through his most of his storied history with the Lox, Diddy, DMX, Tupac, Mary J. Blige, the East West Coast beef, how D Block’s legendary lyrical beef with Roc-a-fella almost spilled out into the streets and more. P also shed some real grown man tears reminiscing about the Notorious B.I.G. as he rolled that real pungent. Tune in and get all this work. His latest album ‘Float’ is available for sale now.

The Damon Dash Episode



Showbill by Theotis Jones

This is the one you’ve been waiting for. Damon Dash talks Aaliyah, life without Jay Z, how he’s completely done with the music game, why he was an asshole to anyone who got in his way and why the kind of “broke” he is might be the best thing in the world. We also get some very tense moments as Just Blaze finally airs out why he didn’t eff with Dame.  Ya’ll truly ain’t ready for this dynasty thing.

The King Of All Blacks and Its The Real Episode



If you’re a fan of Howard Stern, you know about King Of All Blacks. He stopped by to talk about his relationship with Stern going back to 1987, the status of his Sirius XM 101 Black on Black Show, how he came up as a fancy negro and whether or not he plays a minstrel role on the Stern Show. Brothers Eric and Jeff Rosenthal of Its The Real Fame talk about their first rap mixtape ‘Urbane Outfitters” with DJ Drama… I didn’t know they could really rap. ‘Urbane Outfitters, Vol. 1″ is out now!

The R.A. the Rugged Man Episode



Showbill By Theotis Jones

Crustified Dibbs breaks down why Eminem took his spot, why he jerked Attorney Reggie Osse out of $10,000, the time the Notorious B.I.G. smacked the schitt out of his man, how it was nothing for him to grow up with murderers and killers in his home, how he went from being the most wanted emcee to no one returning his calls, who at Jive Records is a Fuckyberg, how minor leagues money is better than the major leagues and why he remains one of the most respected lyricists in the game.

The Noreaga Episode



Showbill By Theotis Jones

This week, we welcome the Super Thug aka N.O.R.E. and get to the bottom of the long standing “beef” between P.A.P.I. and “super attorney” Reggie Ossé. Noreaga speaks on his history with Mobb Deep, Notorious B.I.G., Tragedy, Capone, Chris Lighty and other rap luminaries. Plus, Nore tells us about his trip to the fat farm to visit the late, great Big Pun. Get ready for Combat!!!

The Wyclef Jean Episode


Sak passe Internets!!! This week, Grammy award winning and former Haitian presidential candidate Wyclef Jean sets the record straight about the #YELE charity organization accusations, the Ducati and pum pum shorts incident, intmate music making moments with Lauryn Hill, carrying Haiti on his back. the legacy of the Fugees and drops a freestyle that you’ll need Rosetta Stone to decipher through. Please remember, it’s #YELE not #YOLO!

The DJ Envy and Uncle Ruckus Episode


Showbill by Theotis Jones

The “People’s Choice”, DJ Envy stops by to talk about his role as the devil’s advocate on the Breakfast Club, his recent admission of infidelity to his wife, how other dj’s ain’t playing right, getting a gun pulled on him by Nas, and tells us his strategy to “kill a muthafucker breathin’”. We also get a call from The Boondocks TV series character Uncle Ruckus, who asks us for a handout and waxes poetic on the day’s race-related hot topics.

Show Notes

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The Mona Scott-Young Episode


In her most in-depth interview ever, Love and Hip-Hop creator Mona Scott-Young discusses the passing of her former Violator Management partner and friend Chris Lighty; addresses the criticisms of Love & Hip-Hop head on; talks about when rap stars like LL Cool J and Busta Rhymes were real larger than life stars and how she’d really like to work with Maino. We went Hollywood on this one.

The Star and Buc Wild Episode


Star and Buc Wild. Couldn’t control these cats, even with Dallas Penn on deck. In a rare interview, Star shared his past, how he was an actual street pimp in New York City in the early 1980′s, how he went to war with a handgun against a Dominican chick armed with and uzi and got sprayed up, his cocaine and mescaline fueled days, how he pimped MTV, Hot 97 and Power 105, why he has no issue with Big Tigger, how he’s never been impressed with Howard Stern, his love for DJ Vlad, what his hate is really about, how he doesn’t know who the fuck Just Blaze is, how someone who doesn’t fux with Hip Hop became a Hip Hop icon and more. This was too much. Dig in my cousin.

The Ralph McDaniels Episode

Ralph McDaniels Showbill via

Show Bill by Theotis Jones

It’s the Box That Rocks! Ralph McDaniels, founder of the seminal Video Music Box talks thirty years of history. Highlights include how Big Daddy Kane shot someone causing him to miss “The Symphony” video shoot, how we wasn’t fucking with Mr. Magic at first, gunplay at NaS’s “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” video shoot, running with a young and grimy Russell Simmons, allowing a young Jay-Z to play hype man for the Notorious B.I.G. and how really good he is in these streets. This is #RapHistoryMonth b. #Newmanati.

The Pusha T Episode



Pusha T discusses the differences in working with The Neptunes and Kanye, why Big Daddy Kane > Rakim, how Big Sean is really a problem within the G.O.O.D Music camp, why rappers like Rick Ross can’t ever really get away from the streets, how he can’t ever be right with Consequence, how he threw a shot at Combat, the possible name for the next Clipse album and more.

DJ BenHaMeen’s Mixes




The Combat Jack Show (1.23.13)


Artwork by Theotis Jones

Due to popular demand (and a last minute cancellation by Brooklyn’s own Joey BadA$$ and Dyme-A-Duzin) there were no special guests on this week’s show—but we did get to have the Cheat Code Just Blaze call in to talk about his current smash hit “Higher” with Baauer, Dallas Penn recapped his LoEnd Theory event, we got to interview two new potential interns and delivered a hilarious prank call to Premium Pete’s aunt, in which the cable company encourages her to start watching BET. Plus, DJ Benhameen continues to kill with his mixes. It don’t ever stop. #Nemanati!

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The @Raekwon Episode



Show Bill by Theotis Jones

Raekwon stopped by to drop some Lost Jewels on the crew as we tried to cram 20 years of rich history into one show. We talked about his love for house music, what makes him and Ghost stand out from the rest of the clan, living under the Rza dictatorship, how he made the Ralph Lauren Snow Beach ‘Lo piece a classic and what his name is via the Wu-Tang Name Generator. The Chef also drops a few bars on beats supplied by Just Blaze. Verbal intercourse indeed.