Video: Raekwon Talks How Rza Ran The Wu Like A Dictatorship


Raekwon discusses everything from the Wu-Tang structure and how RZA got the crew to fall in line, to the origins of The Purple Tape and his many aliases …

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The Rza (@Rza) x Melyssa Forde (@MissMelyssaFord) Episode


Awww man. What.An.Episode.

Shoalin’s finest and WU Tang Commander In Chief, RZA stopped by the Combat Jack Show to promote his new film The Man With The Iron Fist. RZA was incredible. We talked, 5% Nation of The Gods & Earths, his top 3 books, the origin of man, spirituality, hip hop, Wu-Tang (of course) and lots more. Also filling in for Dallas Penn (sabbatical) was the lovely, beautiful and talented Melyssa Ford. Nonetheless, the thirst was contained (oh how difficult)….Also tempers flared on and off air during the show. Mercury must be in retrograde. Find out who in the crew is on his “Ocho Cinco” and may or may not rock out with us next week at A3C. Le sigh. It.Does.Not.Stop #Newmanati Bong, Bong!

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