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Sneaker Fiends Unite! w/ Special Guest – DJ Mars



NIKE, why did you have to do LIVESTRONG products dirty? DJ MARS breaks down the different club and party scenes in Atlanta, his footwear attire during his collegiate days, the prevalent Polo influence in his hometown Springfield, Massachusetts and living a ‘FRESH’ lifestyle.

Sneaker Fiends Unite! W/ Special Guest – Killer Mike



Be prepared to get your laugh on from the very jump. Dallas lectures Pete on hypebeasting without sock swag. Is the Crimson colorway, the new volt for 2013? ATL rapper, Killer Mike drops knowledge on his beginning struggles as an artist and staying true to his craft, no matter what. Finally, we talk PUMA. Killer is feeling PUMA’s so hardbody, corporate needs to sign this MAN. Sneaker rotations, blogging for the culture, and real talk about giving black men opportunity are all topics of conversation. Tune in.

Sneaker Fiends Unite! W/ Special Guest – DJ Drama



Don Drew and his partner, Jay Corbin a.k.a. Sneakersensei heads down to The Baltimore Sneaker Show representing the #SneakerMAFIA movement to teach heads the importance of respecting sneaker culture and the need for giving back to the community through non-profits like KicksToAfrica. DJ Drama a.k.a. Mr. Thanksgiving speaks on the lifestyle differences between Philly’s and ATL’s Streetwear culture. The Combat Jack Show’s resident deejay, BenHaMeen graces us with his presence, in the midst of sharing sneaker memories with the crew.

Sneaker Fiends Unite! The Obsessive Sneaker Disorder Episode



Why do Haitian-Haitians play soccer with church shoes and white socks? Combat Jack joins the crew and elaborates on what his steelo signified in an era, at a time, when hip hop was evolving as a culture. Teek a.k.a. SoleSurvivor Detroit drops knowledge on the latest sneaker releases and restock alerts. G-Roc from TSG explains, “Who’s winning?” in the shoe game this week and why? Paper Chaser and Size15King breakdown the origins of the Obsessive Sneaker Disorder Internet talk show, the WTF segment, and an 8-week educational program highlighting SOLEcial STUDIES called “The Class.” Flower a.k.a. Sol3flower reps for the Female Sneaker Fiend and why she dislikes the color PINK.

Sneaker Fiends Unite! The Lost Episode



Internets! This is THAT work we promised you when we jumped off this podcast. Entertainers, industry players and even our fellow Shoeminati brethren are all jam-packed into this episode that we nearly had to scrap due to technical difficulties. But here it is, the ‘Lost Episode’ of Sneaker Fiends Unite featuring special guest co-host G-Roc Smith of, Trinidad James and the sneaker GOD Gentry Humphrey.

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Sneaker Fiends Unite! Episode 13


SFU LetterHead

What happened to the lost episode with the iconic man behind Jordan brand, Gentry Humphrey and hip-hop sensation, Trinidad James? Dallas and Pete shared personal experiences about how they got absorbed into sneaker culture, street status symbols, and the mental battle of sneaker addiction. Spread the WORD! Be sure to tell a friend to tell a friend, follow, like, and subscribe to us on iTunes.

Sneaker Fiends Unite! Episode 11


SFU Episode 11 Showbill

Who’s the best NBA player in the game? KADOMA, from the H-Town Sneaker Summit was on the line talking about, the largest sneaker community event happening this year on All- Star weekend. Joell Ortiz a.k.a. Mr. YAOWA illustrates studio life, the comradery within Slaughterhouse and their personal footwear preference. The album is done. Slaughterhouse is set to tour Australia, the States, and Canada. The streets should be on the lookout for a tape to drop in between the madness.

Sneaker Fiends Unite! Episode 10



Alright INTERNETS, lets jump right into what we do best – Let’s talk SNEAKERS. Which 2K13 All-Star pack is hotter? New Balance brings new flavor to their grown man steez with the ‘Year of The Snake’ pack. Matt from Corporate Got Em talks about boutique life in Cincinnati, socks that custies can’t get enough of, and the possibility of introducing a Corporate lifestyle product line into the mix.

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Sneaker Fiends Unite! Episode 9



The ‘Lo-End’ Theory in NYC was a BLOWOUT. The genesis of Dallas’ obsession with Ralph Lauren brought vintage pieces in never-worn condition, while incorporating Rap music that connected the ‘LO’ movement to Street culture. Laugh your ass off, as the crew talks smack about me being on some groupie nonsense with East New York rapper – AG DA CORONER. Tim from Patta puts us onto Street culture in Amsterdam, footwear collaboration projects, business in the Red Light District, and his views on banning exotic bud for tourist consumption.

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Sneaker Fiends Unite! Episode 8



Above all, don’t forget to keep it locked and come thru to the Highline Ballroom this Sunday, Jan 20th for The ‘LO- END’ Theory. Buy, Sell, Trade vintage Polo gear. For more info, visit Dallas Penn dot com. Find out the inside scoop of what went down at the Lock & Launch MELO M9 event. 2x Super Bowl champion, NY Giants’ very own, Justin Tuck talks about the concept behind his exclusive facemask, the myth behind being an athlete and getting all of his sneakers for free, his pre-game ritual, and the locker-room sneaker battles with Victor Cruz. Gary Warnett from Crooked Tongues in the UK explained what’s sneaker culture like in London, which shoe is the most popular, and brands that never hit hard.

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Sneaker Fiends Unite! Episode 7



How many sneakerheads are looking forward, to the death of high reseller prices? Well, even though chances are it’s close to slim, there are brands that have love for the game. Take for instance, Eric from Sneaker Steal also formerly known as Cork Clothing. Listen to his vision, on how he plans to offer prices that will make your eyes pop. Reham Habib is an Egyptian-American, who grew up living a nomadic lifestyle throughout the states. Her five years of learning the ins and outs of dealing with apparel working at Ralph Lauren, paved her path to withhold an executive-level position at Jordan Brand for the Greater China. Find out, what’s next for the upcoming year? The ‘LO-END’ Theory is going down on January 20th at the Highline Ballroom. Go to dallaspenn dot com for more info.

Sneaker Fiends Unite! Episode 6


The Holiday episode. Shout out to Premium Pete for admitting that he’s a seasonal hypebeast. The thirst expressed at Sneaker Pimps NYC just to touch those ‘Statue of Liberty’ hyperposite. [Shake my head!] Over 3k hypebeasts, showed up to the grand opening of the new Atlas Mall location, feenin’ to cop some exclusive heat. What went wrong? Find out the lowdown for this major fail from Leo, the Director of Marketing for Moe’s Sneaker Spot. Between NIKE, Reebok, adidas, and Jordan brand; with over 25 sneaker releases dropping this holiday season, which are your most sought-after kicks? ATL’s own, DJ Greg Street a.k.a Mr. 6 o’clock called in and talked about his diverse collection, Sneaker Friends, and his nostalgic hunt for the ‘NBA’ tennis shoe created by Thom McAn to compete with the Chuck Taylors, back in the day.

Sneaker Fiends Unite! Episode 5


Have ya’ll seen “How Sean Price Stole Christmas?” The Internets buzzed last week, when the rap twist on a classic Dr. Seuss’ children’s story debuted. Nike introduced the first in its lineup for the Lunar Force 1 Fuse. Moe’s Sneaker Spot opens a new location at Atlas Park Mall in Glendale, Queens. Hypebeasts were thirsty to cop all types of HEAT straight out the vault. Really, who wouldn’t want a pair of Yeezy 2’s for box price? Listen to Sean P’s sarcastic humor as he shares memories of rockin’ a bootleg pair of FILA’s on the block.

Sneaker Fiends Unite! Episode 4


Will adidas change the shoe game for 2013? Listen to Jon Wexler, the Global Director for Entertainment and Influencer Marketing at adidas drop knowledge on how he came up from an entry-level marketing position to signing deals with some of the hottest celebrities in Pop culture. G Roc from The Shoe Game co-hosted episode 4 with exclusive details from the latest Jordan brand ‘Dare to Fly’ event in NYC showcasing the new Air Jordan 28. Shout out to Reebox’s Marketing Rep, Ari for being in studio and sponsoring those Court Victory Pump “Nautical Pack” Grey/Blue and the USC colorway from Pump Omni Lite’s “Revival Pack.”