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An organic podcast sure to delight; Reality Check with @Jasfly and @Nydelight

Reality Check – Episode 27


Reality Check is back with JasFly and NYDelight filling us in on their lives since the last time we’ve heard from them. Jas gives the backstory on her dating life and talks about adjusting to life as a reality TV star and NYDelight is making some adjustments of her own. Premium Pete sits in to talk reality, product endorsements and all of his women while executive producer Chris Morrow discusses his fashion evolution and NYDelight offers to style him and anyone else who sees her on the street. Get in on the conversation and leave a question or comment at 917-409-8332 – you may get a response on the next show!

Reality Check (Episode 26)


Reality Check is back! JasFly reunites with NYDelight and the ladies catch up on life since the last show: Jas recounts her SXSW hosting experience, Terrence Howard’s obsession with breasts and officially announces that she’s a cast member of VH1′s newest reality show, “The Gossip Game”! NYDelight is still floating on Cloud 9 from her Rihanna sighting and celebrates a year of being sober while Jas nurses a broken toe and a raspy voice. Chris shares his “encounter” with MTA and cameos are made by Jas’s father and Assistant Stephanie – episode 26 is Jas and NYDelight as you know them best.

Reality Check (Episode 25)


While Jas is away on business; Sean Malcolm & Whitney Cunningham hold NYdelight down in the studio. Last heard on episode 17; Mr. Malcolm was then taken as well as the EIC at King Magazine.. Oh how things have changed just like the season.. Whitney breaks down Sean in psychographics, also talks ciroc, top model, playing the field and the wonderful experience of working with Puff. Sean and Whitney discuss cuffing season coming to a close, what is next and NYdelight is lost in transition.

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Reality Check (Episode 24)


In this episode of Reality Check, JasFly and NYDelight dig into the events of the week: did Tyler, The Creator take a shot at Jas? Wait, NYDelight got curved for Valentine’s Day? And what’s up with all the domestic abuse in the news this week? This week’s guest creator/event host LowKey (@LowKeyUHTN) shares what he did (and didn’t do) on Valentine’s Day, why reality TV a lá “Love & Hip Hop” is not for him, and pleads his case against being called “Hollywood”. Taking time out of his busy schedule from revamping the blogger lane, Low manages to give some sound advice on love and forgiveness – #LowKeyFixMyLife coming soon? Anything can happen! Have any comments, questions, or know the actual origin of Mendeecees Harris’s name? Send all that to!

Reality Check (Episode 23)


It’s a Valentine’s Day well spent with the ladies of Reality Check as JasFly and NYDelight sit down with The Source’s Kim Osorio (@kimosorio1); get out your pen and paper and take notes as the esteemed editor-in-chief dishes on what women should do (and not do) during the courting stage, what men should REALLY expect after the honeymoon, and choosing between family and the industry. Kim also discusses her controversial tell-all, 2008′s “Straight From The Source”, and why hip hop wouldn’t be her first choice of industry for her children to work in. Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Share them with us at !

Reality Check (Episode 22)


The dynamic duo reunite with Chris Morrow who shares subtle racist thoughts, incite on black history month, and reality check dating white men. Chris angrily calls myth while Nydelight says fact on size and who is indeed bigger below the belt. Jasfly has been extremely busy working on several projects; her latest the Dreammix- an inspirational musical project sure to delight. Kid Fury joins the ladies to talk blogging, branding, and the Big Apple take over. The dynamic duo get X-RATED when Kid Fury gives shade, drops dimes and turns up!!!

Another Enjoyable Edition of Reality Check


Reality Check (Episode 20)


Jasfly keeps her distance from a dying NYdelight, fresh off the plane Just Blaze joins us for a roundtable discussion with our delightful relationship guest Jozen Cummings of the NY Post and Things get personal when the ladies get called to discuss likes, dislikes, wants, laws of attraction, shacking up and dating in the city. Yet another great installment from the dynamic duo of Reality Check.

Audio: Reality Check (Episode 19)



Reality Check has returned for its second season but Jas and Delight ended 2012 with uncertainty, and unresolved issues. Episode 19 gets real when the ladies give themself a honest reality check. Emails were read, other parties were called to weigh in, Jas was bitten, Delight sheds a tear and the birthday boy drops by for the first awkard moment of the year. New Year, better content, more candidate exclusives; the organic podcast sure to delight just got that much better.

Enjoy your Weekends with Reality Check

Audio: Reality Check (Episode 18)


Unfortunately Jas was not able to make this holiday edition of Reality Check but Kei was able to hold me down as I attempt to fly this week’s episode almost solo. Chris was his usual racist self. The Sandy shooting rocked the nation, has everyone reconsidering the loose laws of gun control in America, the method of protection whom choose to bear arms leagally and the affects of mentally challenged individuals going untreated. Apologies for the late post but another delightful installment of Reality Check. Hopefully everyone is enjoying the holiday season, family and good food. Jasfly, NYdelight and Just Blaze will see you in the New Year.

PS… Jas hosted a very delightful holiday evening where she threw down…

Audio: Reality Check (Episode 17)


17 episodes… and we are just getting started. Joe Budden breaks down the “Budden ranch” patiently waits for the edits from VH1′s highly anticipated Love & Hip-hop NY. Our dating series continues when we turn up Kei. Aside from classifying lesbians, bossing up on Just Blaze, drankin Jamison out of the bottle and coming out in 94; Kei chops it up on bagging bitches, women having bi-sexual tendencies. Nagressive is born with the collaboration of Just Blaze, Kei, and NY’s poor delivery and annunciation of aggressive. Shit gets wild this week. NY is now the pegged as the lesbian narcissist. Unwind, turn up but more importantly get familiar with Reality Check; the organic podcast sure to delight.

Reality Check – The Sean Malcolm (@sean_malcolm) Episode


Reality Check dates Sean Malcolm (@sean_malcolm), EIC at KING Magazine only to find out he is in fact off the market but needs some angels to complete his team. Aside from breaking down the unedited version BBWLA, the drama of @drayaface, the actual thirst to land that coveted reality KING cover. Sean provides tangible tips to make it to the binders of KING, 4 frames means thanks but no thanks, he like big titties and over asses and apparently NY (@nydelight) may have what it takes to land a feature.

Audio: Reality Check (Episode 14)


Taylor Swift represents for the millions of girls out there wrestling every single day with fake problems”; a tweet from Jas (@JasFly) sent Executive producer Chris Morrow (@MrChrisMorrow) into a racial tizzy earlier this week during the American Music Awards. Tempers flare as executive producer Chris Morrow is exposed as a racist. Jas wants to let you know she is working so NO you can’t be her +1; NYdelight (@NYDelight) included. NYdelight narcissistic ways are driving Jas to quit the show but not before we have another a date with comedian Mike Brown. (@YoMikeBrown).. Just Blaze is missed but will return next week for his usual awkward moments. Another delightful installment from the ladies of Reality Check.

Reality Check (Episode 13)


The organic podcast sure to delight is now dating; week 13 starts off with another diversity moment with producer Chris Marrow where we revisit Asian men and potential prospects. Props to Malibu Red for having us drunk on the first date with Brad. As you can imagine things got rapidly turnt when Brad gets placed on the hot seat about his likes, wants, interest, going the distance and cuffing season. Charlie Murphy makes a cameo appearance but NYdelight survives. Things get awkward with Just Blaze as he explains throat cheese, his ever changing avi’s and men with vaginas among others things. Jas and NY bond over similar interests and thoughts. Definitely another delightful installment of Reality Check!

Reality Check (Episode 9)


Fresh off a by a week JasFly is back from the dead looking better than ever. Although new studio changes aren’t sitting well with us, we are working through the kinks to create the most delightful organic podcast sure to delight. Lowkey makes a drunken cameo while Just Blaze makes an a usual awkward appearance to roast NYdelight on her narcissistic ways, their awkward club run in and makes fun of Jas’ steroid medicine usage and affects.

Reality Check (Episode 6)


6 weeks in; We are finally starting to get the hang of Reality Check; the organic podcast sure to delight.. or so it seems. JasFly is away on business therefore she sent two quality dynamic internets to fill in. Episode 6 but I’d like to call it week 6 since we rolling through the National Football League with a variety of stellar games, my rookie fantasy football season. The Lohan’s cry for attention and more publicity checks while Chris Law kept it PC on Joe Budden, the photog and those avis we love so much. However he did provide a delightful recap on his fashion week experience, fall must haves and cuffing season qualities required to make the final cut this cuffing season. Low broke down the science of the DM system, being “so digital”, his relationship status, his turn on’s but most importantly why there are no head scarves allowed at his crib. Get your dose of this week’s Reality Check, and check out for the latest hip-hop tracks, news and all things NEW.

apologies for Chris’s low audio quality

Chris Law (@FreshChrisLaw) and Low Key (@LowKeyUHTN)

Reality Check (Episode 5)


Things heat up on this week’s #RealityCheck when we talk SEX,the intimate details of #cuffingseason and why Jas is sitting on the sideline this season. 21questions gets serious after our producer @mrchrismorrow decides to make a cameo as the moderator. NY walks out after Chris puts her on the spot about the infamous “Mr. Big”. Just Blaze drops in for his usual awkward moment. Tune in and subscribe on itunes for your weekly #RealityCheck with @Jasfly and @NYdelight