Combat Jack & Friends

The J. Cole Episode


Showbill by Theotis Jones

J. Cole details the inspiration behind ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’, his battle with expectations, wanting to sign Kendrick Lamar when they first met and his thoughts regarding the shots-ridden “Control” verse. Cole also talks the hip hop culture shift that inspired “Fire Squad”, consciously staying out of Drake’s lane while creating his own, what happened that eventful night with Diddy, visiting Ferguson, his new outlook on life and how he became a voice of his generation.

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The Ras Kass Episode


Pic by Bryon Summers

We get a lot of requests for West Coast rappers. Ras Kass breaks down his history, his battles, beefs and come up. He also goes deep with his views on religion, President Barack Obama, racism and more. Amen b.

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#TBT First Combat Jack Show Feat. BosNaud and JusDave Episode


August 2010, Dallas Penn and I decided to launch this show. Only thing was Dallas Penn didn’t show up (he was on vacation). A-King manned the boards, we were at PNC Radio live, our backgroundmusic was loud and our very first guests were….. Black Twitter’s own BosNaud and JusDave. B, we’ve come a long way.

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The Darryl Strawberry feat. Diamond Strawberry Episode


Family is everything. Darryl Strawberry visits the Combat Jack Show to share his incredible story of becoming a New York legend, and the women, and alcohol, and drugs, and his redemption. Diamond Strawberry talks about her life beyond Love and Hip Hop. And we hear a father and daughter talk about breaking the cycles of abuse and abandonment. Family is everything.

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The Sadat X feat. Will Tell and The True Wine Connoisseurs Episode

SadatX Cover

New Year. New Episode. Sadat X delivers in this ep of his come up, Puffy, Tupac, B.I.G., Grand Puba, guns, prison, how Regina Hall is the one who got away and how he and Will Tell are doing BIG things in the wine game.

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The Best of 2014 Episode


Another year in the books. And as the year 2014 winds down to and end, we present to you the very best episodes of The Combat Jack. You guys have been very great to us this year. Enjoy. And always… Dreams those dreams!

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The PRhyme Episode feat. DJ Premier, Royce da 5’9″ and Adrian Younge


We got DJ Premier, Royce da 5’9″ and Adrian Younge to sit in with us on this special in studio listening session of their album ‘PRhyme’, which is very dope. Hear what that have to say about this project.

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The LL Cool J Episode

sb-llcj-lo (1)

Showbill by Theotis Jones who writes:

“In which 6 heads represent 5 years apiece to equal a 30 year career with aforementioned

heads forming the J that’s the last letter of Mr. Smith’s nom de guerre.”

We couldn’t end this year without having the G.O.A.T. on. How he survived an abusive upbringing, studied his craft with early rap pioneers in the same rap dojo with Kool G. Rap, becoming the foundation stone that became Def Jam, building with Queens’ street legends, battling this rapper, that rapper and Jay Z, why he didn’t sign management with Diddy, the “Accidental Racist” thing, flipping burglars in his castle and the victory of seeing his wife survive Cancer, its all here and more. From Hollis to Hollywood, this episode is most certainly blowticious. LL Cool J will forever remain hard as hell. Pause.

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The Raymond Santana “Central Park 5″ Episode


Photo by Bryon Summers

Always wanted to rap to these brothers. Looking at all their interviews, all we get is the tragedy that was their experience. Raymond Santana shares how fun it was as a kid growing up in Harlem during the late 1980’s. Then the horror. And how he became a part of the “crime of the century”. And of course, his redemption and triumphs. With the recent epidemic of police on Black murders, this story of how 5 innocent children were rail roaded by #MyNYPD should be a reminder for us to always #StayWoke. This might be The Combat Jack Show’s proudest moment for 2014.

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The Rick Ross Episode


Showbill by Theotis Jones

Rick talks of growing up a die hard rap fan of some our lyrucal greats, his unappreciated skill as a song writer/ ghostwriter, his relationships with Jay Z and Diddy and the books he reads to keep his mind focused. Also, the some details of his #RossFit training regimen, his Wing Stop chicken empire and why he really instigated his beer with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson”. Stop being a munkey and press that download button, ya underdig?

Rick Ross’ album ‘Hood Billionaire’ is out now!

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The Return Of Bomani Jones Episode


The good homie talks how he ended up at ESPN2, his 30 for 30 doc ‘Rand University’, racism in Miami, the Charlemagne and Ma$e encounter from a few weeks more, Artie Lange’s recent meltdown, whether Lord Jamar is the Pras of Brand Nubian, Big KRIT and more. This one here is all types of hilarious. So glad to see Bomani shining and #winning.

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The Return Of Troi “Star” Torain Episode


Photo by Jonathan Mena

Star wants to end police brutality. Star is speaking out against domestic violence. Star wants to contribute more to society. In his return to the Combat Jack Show, Troi “Star” Torain gives us a completely unexpected and very candid interview as to what he wants the next chapter of his life to be and how he wants to better the world. He also shares why Damon Dash hasn’t gone crazy, what stopped him from smacking Ebro Darden and why he feels Funk Master Flex is the most stand up guy in the Hot 97 building. Has Star gone totally conscious on us? Is this a kindler, gentler Star than we’ve ever heard before? Press play and be illuminated.

Support his Fuck The Police fundraising campaign here.

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The Kevin Liles Episode


Photo by Bryon Summers

You want to hear a great story, or stories? You want to be inspired? You want to learn what it takes to be a success? Kevin Liles blessed us with so much, behind the scenes of Def Jam, working with Russell Simmons and Lyor Cohen, the deaths of Biggie, Tupac, Jam Master Jay and Chris Lighty, stories of DMX, Jay Z, Red and Meth and so much more. If you’re not ready to conquer the world after listening to this episode, you gotta check your pulse.

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The Jermaine Dupri Episode (Live From Tree Sound Studios)


Showbill by Theotis Jones

JD’s Hip Hop pedigree is so official. 30 plus years of history here. Who else can wax so poetically about the 1980’s Fresh Fest, Kriss Kross, Jay Z and the acension of the South musically? This live episode recorded at Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta, Georgia was so official. Plus, Mr. Dupri opens up about his relationship with Janet Jackson. This is a guaranteed So So Def episode. #Salutes to Groove Chambers and Mali Hunter for making this happen.

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The Live From A3C with 9th Wonder Episode


Showbill by Theotis Jones

Live from Atlanta, at the tenth anniversary of the #A3c Music Festival, we finally caught up with producer and Harvard scholar 9th Wonder where he share his incredible story about leading a scene in North Carolina with the incredible Little Brother crew to not giving Jay Z a track he had for his own group. The breakup with Phonte and Big Rapper Pooh, making hits for Destiny’s Child and why he’s going so hard for his Jamla Records premier artist Rapsody, and of course, his journey in becoming a professor at Harvard University. This was truly an honor building with 9th and I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

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The Ryan Leslie Episode


Ryan Leslie wants you to respect him as a rapper, on top of his talents as a singer/songwriter and producer. And he doesn’t care if you think he fell off. Listen to how he makes way more money than you. How he’s heavy in the tech world, and how he does concerts in castles and such. Also, hear the most in-depth walk through of the Diddy Cassie situation.

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The Big K.R.I.T. Episode


King Remembered In Time makes his second Combat Jack Show appearance. On the eve of his 2nd Def Jam album ‘Cadillactica’, which drops November 11, 2014, K.R.I.T. talks about his growth as an artist, surviving his debut album “tanking”, touring with Macklemore, separating his professional and private life, being called out on Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” and why he’s about to shake up the game as he claims the south as his kingdom. This time around, I’m doubling down on this Mississippi native.

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The April Walker and Carl Banks Episode


CBJ - April Walker-1

Here’s a special episode from the Combat Jack vault featuring April Walker, pioneer urban/street wear designer of iconic Walker Wear label and two time Super Bowl champion Carl Banks. Beyond football and being a sports analyst, Carl Banks is heavily involved in attire owning the Starter brand. We talk a bit about Ray Rice, coming up in the fashion game, their relationship and more.

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The John Forte Episode


How does one go from Brownsville, Phillips Exeter Academy, NYU, Lauryn, Wyclef, ‘The Score’, ‘The Carnival’ to prison? How does one get pardoned by George Bush? And how does one find redemption and true freedom afterwards? John Forte tells us his entire journey and where he is now.

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The Ice T Episode


Showbill by Theotis Jones

Ice T’s been around for a while and came through the show to share his journey from the death of his parents in New Jersey to encountering gang culture in Los Angeles. From drugs to robberies to rapping to a record deal. A step by step of how the Body Count song “Cop Killer” changed his whole life, and how he and Coco (she’s here too) managed to keep their marriage alive. There’s a whole lot here. Ice T, uncensored.

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The Stalley Episode


Ohio’s first son (other than Lebron) talks Rick Ross, MMG and the role he plays. His come up days with Dame Dash, Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa, the day Mos Def “discovered” him, how he might could be more Brooklyn than you and more. What is one of today’s most slept on rappers plan on making an impact with his debut album ‘Ohio’ dropping on October 28th? Go ahead and press play.

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Combat Jack and Francis Chiser Present ‘PG-14, A Tribute To Larry Levan Circa 1986 – 1987′


If you know me, you know I’m a Paradise Garage head, and if you really know New York City, you’ll know that the Paradise Garage was the GOAT New York night club.

Maestro Larry Levan spun magic weekly and house music has never been the same. For years I’ve searched for a classic sounding Paradise Garage mixtape circa 1985 – 1987, arguably the club’s best years before it closed its doors in 1987. Frustrated, I settled for never getting my hands on such a tape.

A few weeks ago, friend and Internets colleague Francis Chiser asked me if I’d be down to curate a Garage tape that would capture the magic of the club’s ’85 – ’87 heyday. Jumping in, I wanted to make sure we featured music that I personally heard Larry play as he slayed. Francis and I vetted through hundreds of songs that got touched by Larry.

Weeks later, we proudly present to you ‘PG – 14, A Tribute To Larry Levan Circa ’85 – 87′. Listen to this as a 3 hour time capsule reflecting a very special time in my life and in New York underground culture.

A heartfelt thank you to Francis Chiser who, in recruiting me, helped me relive the some of the best times of my youth. Thanks also to the ever reliable Theotis Jones for his artwork capturing the retro gritty look of mid NYC iconography.

Enough. Press download and Jack your body.

Reggie Ossé – Combat Jack
August 28, 2014

1. Taana Gardner – Heartbeat
2. Linda Clifford – Runaway Love
3. Womack & Womack – I’m Scared of You
4. Gwen Guthrie – Aint Nothin Goin On But The Rent
5. Touch – Without You
6. NYC Peech Boys – Don’t Make Me Wait
7. The Clash – The Magnificent Seven
8. Diane Ross – Love Hangover
9. Grace Jones – Pull Up The Bumper
10. The It – Donnie
11. Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime
12. Liz Torres – Can’t Get Enough
13. ESG – Moody
14. Ten City – Devotion
15. Jungle Wonz – The Jungle
16. Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face?
17. Inner Life – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
18. Robert Owens – I’ll Be Your Friend
19. First Choice – Double Cross
20. Mr. Fingers – Can You Feel It
21. Jungle Wonz – Time Marches On
22. Fingers Inc. – Mystery of Love
23. Raze – Break 4 Love
24. Third World – Now That We Found Love
25. Chip E – Life This
26. Jeanette “JT” Thomas – Shake Your Body
27. Steve “Silk” Hurley – Jack Your Body
28. Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body
29. Ralph Rosario – You Used to Hold Me
30. Frankie Knuckles feat Jamie Principle – Baby Wants To Ride
31. Gil Scott-Heron – The Bottle
32. Roy Ayers – Running Away
33. Cyamnde – Bra
34.  First Choice – Let No Man Put Asunder
35. Joubert Singers – Stand On the World
36. Stevie Wonder – All I Do

Combat Jack & Francis Chiser present “PG-14: A tribute to Larry Levan” by Francis Chiser on Mixcloud


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The Kevin Gates Episode


Man, this has got to be one of the most unique interviews ever conducted on this show. It’s also one I throughly enjoyed. Go ahead and press play.

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The Jeezy Episode


Showbill by Theotis Jones

On the eve of the release of ‘Seen It All‘, his 5th studio album, Jeezy shared his growth as an artist, what the word “leadership” means to him, his experience at Ferguson, St. Louis, moving from being a street cat to a responsible role model, his relationship with Jay Z, his thoughts on Sean “Diddy” Combs and why he’s feeling so happy these days. It’s no more “Young”, it’s now Mr. Jeezy.

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