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Audio: Reality Check (Episode 17)


17 episodes… and we are just getting started. Joe Budden breaks down the “Budden ranch” patiently waits for the edits from VH1’s highly anticipated Love & Hip-hop NY. Our dating series continues when we turn up Kei. Aside from classifying lesbians, bossing up on Just Blaze, drankin Jamison out of the bottle and coming out in 94; Kei chops it up on bagging bitches, women having bi-sexual tendencies. Nagressive is born with the collaboration of Just Blaze, Kei, and NY’s poor delivery and annunciation of aggressive. Shit gets wild this week. NY is now the pegged as the lesbian narcissist. Unwind, turn up but more importantly get familiar with Reality Check; the organic podcast sure to delight.

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Reality Check – The Sean Malcolm (@sean_malcolm) Episode


Reality Check dates Sean Malcolm (@sean_malcolm), EIC at KING Magazine only to find out he is in fact off the market but needs some angels to complete his team. Aside from breaking down the unedited version BBWLA, the drama of @drayaface, the actual thirst to land that coveted reality KING cover. Sean provides tangible tips to make it to the binders of KING, 4 frames means thanks but no thanks, he like big titties and over asses and apparently NY (@nydelight) may have what it takes to land a feature.

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