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The Bomani Jones (@Bomani_Jones) Episode


We switched it up a bit to sports talk with rising star Bomani Jones of ESPN and SB Nation fame. How he went from teaching at college, being a music writer, the image of the Black athlete in America, his run on terrestrial and satellite radio, how New York Knicks fans are “funny” and how to detect crazy from women online. We also got a surprise visit from Kazeem Famuyide of Hip Hop Wired and Rhymes and Dimes.

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Attorney, author and radio personality Reggie Ossé is an established authority in all things urban entertainment. He is considered the first in today’s new wave of savvy attorneys well versed and nurtured in Urban, Hip Hop and Popular culture. He is the author of “Bling, The Hip Hop Jewelry Book”, a cultural anthropology coffee table book which provides an in depth and entertaining study of man’s fascination with jewelry spanning back to the birth of civilization.
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