‘Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap’ Trailer

I fux with Hip Hop docs. The good ones like ‘The Show’ and “Back Stage’. This one here, directed by Ice T looks to be a doozy. Featuring  Eminem, Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Nas, KRS-One, Snoop Dogg, Run DMC, Mos Def, Common, Ice Cube, Grand Master Caz, Raekwon, and like 10,000 other emcees that left their legacy on the mic, this will not be missed. In theatres June 15th, 2012.

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The Reason Why Mos Def Is Wack…


… is because ever since he dropped the classic “Black On Both Sides” album way back when, dude has refused to deliver a full album containing the spittage he’s capable of easily hock tooing like how he does on this clip aired last week on BET’s Hip Hop Awards show. A cypher featuring rap masters Mos, Black Thought and Eminem, backed on the wheels by legend and long time good homie of mines, DJ Premier, this clip demonstrates what constitutes the almost lost art of emceeing. All three come off with unparalleled perfection, and I can see where cats might wanna give it to the white boy, or mebbe the Black one from Philly. But I’m really a fan of Mos, and I will always remain partial to Brooklyn, so being that its Election Day, you already know who I’m voting for. (more…)

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A Challenge To Joell Ortiz

Whaddup B? Our good homie Dallas was the first person to ever put me on to you a coupla years ago. I checked your performance at Fort Greene Park two summers ago. I even brought my kids with me. No lie, you killed it homie! I’ve been following your work ever since. I truly dug your album “The Brick: Bodega Chronicles” as well. Very solid work for a first album. Me being a Brooklyn dude for life, and having had the opportunity to have worked with some of the best that BK has had to offer (Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G.), I can honestly say with utmost sincerity that you rep our borough well. A salute and props on that.


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Eminem "Prelapse" Mixtape Compilation

I remember a few years ago when I had the opportunity to screen “Matrix Reloaded” before it came out. The next day, a couple of people asked me what I thought and I let ’em know how much it sucked ass. Some people were so pissed off at me, like if I said something about they moms. Pissed off in the same kinda way some Eminem Stans are on account of my last post. Heh. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Fortunately, the good folk from Freshly Served knew what time it was and blessed me with a homemade compilation of what they thought is Marshall Mathers’ best work. The “artwork” is kinda suspect, but that’s beside the point, it’s the music that counts

Thank effin’ God at the fact that they left off all tracks from that “Relapse” heap o’ dung.

You can get it for free here.

Eminem Stans Stand The Eff Up!!!

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