Elliott Wilson

Video: The @ElliottWilson Interview, Part 3

“I don’t give a fuck, but I care so much.”

In the last part of the Elliott Wilson interview we learn that Just Blaze committed to his tech column in XXL Magazine due to a bet, how Elliott keeps EVR hot, and what Combat and YN have to say about the connection between rap beef and real beef.

Part 1, Part 2

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Video: The @ElliottWilson Interview, Part 1

If you’ve ever read The Source (back in the day) or XXL Magazine (also, back in the day) you’re familiar with Elliott Wilson‘s work. But today, you’re probably more familiar with him as the doyen of and more recently as the guy who brings you “The Truth” each week via Jay Z’s Life + Times.  In part 1 of this 3 part interview find out how Elliott got his own show on Jay Z’s channel, and what some of the rapper’s he’s spoken about in the The Truth videos have had to say in response.

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