The Combat Jack Show: The Marc Ecko Episode


Marc Ecko walks us through his extraordinary journey, how he came up from being a naive Hip Hop fan to becoming a household name, his run with Diddy, why Bobby Kondors has him scared to blow trees today, the Barry Bonds baseball thing, why the education system has him mad and why you should run cop his book ‘Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out’. He’s not Che Guevara with bling on, but he’s Complex.

Run cop ‘Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out’ here.

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The Stevie J and Ed Woods Episode



The current king of Black people reality tv stopped by. He’s more than just a funny face. Stevie J takes us back to when he was down with Jodeci, Bad Boy, Eve, the Jacksons. Wait til you hear who smacked the shit out of who, why he thinks Madonna and barbiturates killed Devanté Swing’s career, and all the other things he experienced before LHHATL. This episode might end up in your top 5. It doesn’t stop Internets.

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Audio: The Shyne (@OriginalShyne) Episode


Moses Michael Levi walked us through that fateful night and talks about how he aimed at the shoulder meats and not the ceiling, his thoughts on the Israel/ Palestinian conflict, why he endorsed Mitt Romney, whether he’s having fun or not in life and why he doesn’t need therapy. It’s bigger than rap.

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The Loaded Lux (@IAmLoadedLux) Episode


“Internets, you gon’ get this work”

In this episode of The Combat Jack Show we had battle rap phenom Loaded Lux in the booth. This harlemite is official tissue. Hear how the beloved one made it to elite status in the rap battle realm..his preparation (hearses, coffins etc.)..the infamous Jay-Z cosign tweet and much more. Also, Gary Reisman from New Media Metrics stopped by and discussed the “360 Cross Platform Analysis On Caucasian and African American Consumers“. Heavy ish. We got statisticians too. Hit that play button and be informed and entertained. #Newmanati

Showbill by Theotis Jones

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Updated w/ Show Notes

News w/ MattRazz

  • California Chef David Viens, who is on trial for murdering his wife, has told police he slow-cooked his wife’s body for 4 days in a 55 gallon drum after killing her. –
  • White, Black, or Brown: A 43 year old St. Louis man is being charged with first degree murder after killing his uncle over a debate about pork chops. –
  • A Florida farmhand was arrested for having sexual contact with a miniature donkey, a charge to which he responded in the police report by calling Florida a “backwards state” because it’s people “Frown on zoophilia”. –

Bonus Content

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Combat Jack Throwback: Diddy Will Kick Your Ass On Ptwitty TV Live!

It’s Spring time Bitches!!! As promised, here’s a throwback of my world famous, award winning blog series recapturing my Top 5 gulliest moments I experienced first hand in the music industry, shit you won’t hear about anywhere else on the whole effin planet but here!


#3. P. Diddy Is A Gorilla Pimp

Let’s take it back to Spring 1995, New York City. Bad Boy Entertainment is hip hop’s number 1 label on the East Coast and the G.O.A.T. Biggie Smalls was still alive. Jessica Rosenbaum (this Jewish chick who promotes hip hop functions) threw a weekly dinner dance event at a club called Esso’s where all the “beautiful” hip hop industry folks could gather, talk mad shit and waste ungodly amounts of money on liquor, party and bullshit.

In addition to his growing record empire, Diddy was making his name as a producer and one of the many artists he produced a song for at the time (I don’t think I ever heard it) was Brooklyn rapper Positive K. K seemed like a cool dude, ran with Audio Two and MC Lyte and even scored a nationwide hit with a single called “I Gotta Man.” Anyways, I’m sitting at a table with my folks and Diddy and his weed carrying entourage make a grand entrance. Shortly thereafter, Positive K walks in dolo. Diddy sees K and approaches him. Apparently, Positive K (or, more specifically, his record label) hadn’t gotten around to paying Diddy his producer fee (which was something like 5 thousand dollars) and Diddy was heated.

In addition, I heard that both Diddy and K were in Los Angeles a week earlier and when Diddy stepped to K about his dough, K was like “You? Nigga please, I’ll get atcha when I get at ya, Bitch!” So, at Club Esso’s, when Diddy steps to K again, he asks “Yo nigga, you got my money?” K looks at Diddy like “whatever nigga” and starts to walk away when Diddy whips out his cell phone (phones at the time were about the size of a brick) and starts whupping on K’s head like it was a Dora the Explorer piñata at a 6 year old’s birthday party!

So the place goes crazy, chicks are screaming, folks are scrambling around and Positive K is steady getting his head pounded out by Diddy and his cell phone. Shit was hectic B.

So, after Diddy feels like K had enough and asks him “whose my bitch, K, WHOSE MY BITCH?!!!” K wimpers out “uncle” through some broken and bloody teeth. Diddy then steps away from K’s crumpled up body and Diddy’s bodyguards (he only had like two at the time), each scoop K up by his armpits and tosses his broken ass out the club and onto the sidewalk. The party resumes, we all get pissy drunk and that’s the last time I heard anything about Positive K (if anyone knows what he’s up to these days, please let me know what’s good with dude).

Now I know Diddy has moved on to become an international star, known and loved by millions. I even caught dude live last night on his Ptwitty TV Live telecast last night. I would love to see some unlucky fellow like 50 Cent or Soulja Boy mouth off to Sean Combs, just to get their effin asses beat like a broke ho’ in front of millions and live on Ptwitty TV. That would be mighty special.

Courtesy of Byron Crawford

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Easy Mo Bee Is Nuttier Than A Snicker's Bar!!!

You may have read last week in this post by Gooch where he interviews legendary producer Easy Mo Bee, responsible for really putting Bad Boy on the map by producing the majority of the heat on the Notorious B.I.G.’s first album, the classic “Ready To Die”. In it, Gooch asks dude why he hadn’t blown up after dropping such a masterpiece and Easy starts bitching about how Diddy blackballed him in the industry ’cause he didn’t want to sign to Mr. Combs’ production team and management and such and such types of bitchery. Now, I’m not a hater and I am in no way shitting on dude, but one thing I hate, that really gets under my skin, is when characters from the music biz with mad potential and opportunity start blaming other people for reasons as to why their career never took off, not taking responsibility for their fuck ups. So here it goes, as an obligation to the blogging community, myself, the music biz and even to Mr. Bee, I feel compelled to expose the truth of what had really happened. (more…)

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