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MAF Feat. Masta Ace – 'Where I'm From'

I got the call from the homie Clark Kent. Told me this young boy was up next. MAF. Brooklyn. You already know how I feel about that. Masta Ace is ALWAYS a bonus. Plus, the video is tight as it’s a whose who extravaganza. Remember his name. And remember A.T.F.



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The Walking Dead

I’ve been heavy in reading the ongoing Image comic book graphic novel series ‘The Walking Dead’. Without giving anything away, it’s about a group of people who are survivors of a zombie epidemic. Zombies scare the shit out of me, more than anything else. What’s crazy though, is that as this drama unfolds, you start fearing the surviving humans more. Humans are batshit crazy.

Pound for pound, this may very well be my current favorite book running. I was geeked to hear months ago that AMC, the network that brings us ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ picked up the series. They just blessed us with this official teaser/trailer. Other than the main character having the worst southern accent I’ve ever heard (the actor, Andrew Lincoln is British), shit looks right.

AMC announced that the 90 minute pilot episode will be airing this October 31st. I guess my kids will have to forget about pops taking them trick-or-treating.

I’m tired all this weird vampire shit getting overrated props. Let’s get gully on ’em.


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Combat Jack Radio – Episode #3


We had a ball last night over in D.U.M.B.O., Brooklyn, with the good folks at PNC Radio. Under the guidance of super producer A-King, Dallas Penn was as sharp as ever, I ran mouth and our guest hostess NY Delight delighted us with her female presence. I’m still a novice at this, but I’m loving it. Most importantly, I think it’s good.  Internets, thanks for all your support.

Highlights of the show for me was when the soldier from Kuwait, Iraq and Robbie from Unkut down in Australia called in.

Please feel free to critique and comment. Only because I want to win with this and I respect all your opinions, even the hate.

Stream or download here.


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"Get My Weed From Branson Cause His Sack’s Bigger…."

Those lyrics above were once spit by Redman in his song ‘Whateva Man”. They referred to Branson, the Harlemite pictured above. Moreso, they referred to the size of weed sacks that he allegedly sold. Also known as Branson B, Branson is credited as the man who allegedly ran a robust Cannabis trade in Harlem, a business so successful that his very name “Branson’s” became to uptown weed what McDonalds is to hamburgers. Like Micky D’s, Branson’s was the name to trust when it was time to burn. (more…)

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What You Didn't Know About Gavin Marchand (And Steve Stoute)

Rap Radar broke this story earlier today. About how Gavin Marchand, younger brother of rapstress Foxy Brown (Inga Marchand) was “busted in New York last week for possessing a forged credit card and running a $8,000 tab at Hermes . If convicted he’s looking at 15 years behind bars.” They got the full story from that gossip tabloid they call the Daily Post.


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Black People Twitter

Do you use Twitter? I’m in love with that platform. A whole lotta people that I do the majority of my communication with these days use Twitter as well. Black and white and etc. Did you read this Slate piece called ‘How Black People Use Twitter’? Really, I’m not kidding. Anyways, the piece starts out by featuring the above image of a brown Twitter bird rocking an oversized fitted. Wtf? I thought the tweet bird was blue. And the fitted is kind of insulting in that it’s a stereotypical image of what Black people rock. On the real though, the fitted is kind of dope, and I’d rock one in sz 7 3/8, but only if it were an official Nu Era joint. (more…)

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Sabatta – "Supa NASTEE" Video

I don’t know much about the artist Sabatta, only that I got this link via Twitter, and that they’re based out the UK. I dig the song, and I really dig the video: chicks, boobs, cars, action and what not. Peep and let me know what you think.

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R.I.P. Born Reality

Ya’ll know how much I love Brooklyn, and how I stay in the neighborhood I grew up in, Crown Heights. Some of ya’ll might have also seen how my home was featured on that HGTV show. Crown Heights is on the come up, gentrification is in full swing. Shit is looking sweet ’round here. (more…)

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NaS & Damian Marley – 'Distant Relatives' Album Review: NaS Won

For being such an influential emcee in the game, Nasir Jones is a certified weirdo. Especially by Hip Hop’s standards. Hip Hop has always been about being fresh, on to the next shit, slick, nimble word play, always winning. In the public eye, NaS stays losing, especially here on these Internets. Since the lil homie dropped the classic that remains ‘Illmatic’, Mr. Jones has frustrated many a fan (me included) with his inconsistent output of work, some dope, some wack, and more than a few being, well, weird (anyone remember “Who Killed It?” from his ‘Hip Hop Is Dead’ album?). His personal life hasn’t helped dude’s losing image, especially with that nasty divorce thingie and post marital rapeage with Kelis that made headlines recently. When it was announced some time back that NaS and Damian Marley would be recording a complete concept album entitled ‘Distant Relatives’, I was like “meh”. Son of reggae king Bob Marley, Damian had that one massive street/reggae banger ‘Welcome To Jamrock’ back in 2005, but after that, not so much (that I know about). Not that I’m against conceptual rap related albums, just that with Nasir, I’m not really checking for that. And with reggae and Damian Marley? Nah son. (more…)

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Apologies In Order

I don’t really know what the fluck is going on. This internet virus shit is a pain. Last week as I was about to get busy with my blog 1,2, I noticed my shit getting flagged for being virus laden again. WTF? I’ve since left Network Solutions, the server that was hosting this site. Still, I’m getting a couple of virus notices on my end. Is that what you’re seeing on your end? Please let me know.

I’m apologizing because a loyal reader from the UK hit me direct message via Twitter last week to inform me that them viruses from his site shut his computer down. Huh? Shortly after, a sister from Brooklyn hit me via Twitter to let me know her computer got shut down after visiting my site as well. That. is. so. not. cool. I took another week off to work out the kinks, make sure them bugs dint follow me here. I won’t be having the Daily-Math shut you good peoples’ computers down. Before that happens, I will shut this bitch down first and good. Word.

So here we go again. Another shot. Secret confession, I’ve been using my viruses to let me get slow and lazy. What part of the game is that? Here’s to a virus free run. Let’s go.

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On The Bubble: Vado

It’s been a rough couple of years for New York Hip-Hop. Yeah, Jay-Z & Raekwon  may have done some decent numbers considering the current climate in the record industry, but recent albums from Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Fat Joe, Jim Jones and Capone & Noreaga weren’t up to the artists usual standards and while the latest from Nas, 50 Cent, Cam’ron, Maino, have gotten praise from critics and fans, they still sold way less albums then expected, especially considering the amount of buzz they had and the attention they received from the rap media. Add that with the fact that the industry has seemingly stopped pushing new acts from New York in favor of signing one hit wonder/ringtone rap acts, Southern rappers (they seem to be all the rage these days) or dumbed down production driven music that will get spins on the radio today but will be irrelevant next month (C-O-N-spiracy?) and you begin to see why New York rap is in such an abysmal state.  But the blame doesn’t fall squarely on the labels, the radio or the fans of Southern Hip-Hop. The young rappers from New York who actually have talent are mostly clueless as to what it means to be actual artists and the OG’s are usually too concerned with their own thing to provide the proper guidance, if any at all. This usually results in new rappers putting out  music that panders to the radio and is so concerned with getting love outta town, it lacks any kind of identity. If you can’t connect with the people where you’re from and get hot in your own hood, you can’t expect people to feel you anywhere else.

That’s where Harlem’s Vado comes in. (more…)

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There’s something in the Kool-Aid. Or the red cup… the Ciroc or whatever rappers are sippin’ nowadays. Whatever it is, something just doesn’t feel right. Actually, it does, but it wasn’t supposed to happen for another few years, if ever again.

There’s balance in hip-hop.


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You already heard how opinions are like assholes. I was invited by to join a group of Internets Tastemakers to review Eminem’s 1st single “Not Afraid” off his upcoming Recovery album. The Consensus panel consists of yours truly, along with Miss Info (, Andrew Noz (, Jake Paine (, Nation (, Dallas Penn (, Elliott Wilson (, Robbie Ettelson (, Eskay (, John Gotty (The Smoking Section), Jeff Rosenthal (, Meka (, Peter Rosenberg (, Nigel D. (, Maurice Garland (, and Noah Callahan-Bever (Complex).

I’m honored to be down with such an impressive group of cats that I really respect. Peep to see how we all felt about “Not Afraid”.

What’s The Consensus? The Internets Top Tastemakers React To Eminems’ “Not Afraid”

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Combat Jack's Six Step Plan For Whole Foods Racial Harmony

I just left Whole Foods located in Union Square. I sometimes cop breakfast from there after dropping off my kids to school. This morning I mixed some of the hot food (turkey bacon) with some of the cold food (seaweed salad, quinoa) in my take out container. I’m tryna stay healthy. So I get to the cashier, and the West Indian girl behind the register asks me if the food is from the hot or cold section. I say both, then joke about how I’m not tryna break no laws. She scoffs, then goes into a tirade about “how yoo should see ‘ow these people comes in ‘ere an’ eat up a ‘hole lotta food, then come to the register, complain ‘ow they di’na like it an’ refuse to pay! Everyday! Meanwhiles, security is wastin time followin’ Black people who don’ steal nothing.” Huh? People are allowed to eat foods up in Whole Foods, way before paying? I never got that memo. But I did understand the greater message. Whole Foods, like most US institutions, have antiquated racist policies when it comes to how it deals with it’s patrons. (more…)

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I'm Back Bishes!

Ya’ll don’t know how good it feels to be back. My site was hit by a virus damn near two weeks plus ago. Actually, the good folks that support this site, Networks Solutions, was hacked and hit, on a major scale. Being that I’m not no tech head, the customer service Hindudes cats stationed out in India initially didn’t give a rat’s ass about my predicament, but were enthusiastic enough to try and sell me a gang of product. Frustrated, feeling like this site was going to be down for like forever, I did what any red-blooded American would do, I started blasting Network Solutions on Twitter. No lie, I let off a tweet last Thursday swearing I would never eff with these cats again.  That’s when magic happened. Within 30 minutes after my tweet, I get a tweet from Network Solutions, acting all concerned and what not, and asking how they could help me.

After I accepted their offer and explained how the Daily Math had been down for two weeks, they send me an email address to send them a breakdown of my issues. I did, and the funniest shit happened, they managed to shake loose all them bugs and leeches I had infecting my shit within the next 24 hours. Word up. Moral of the story is if you ever get sick and tired of getting dissed and ignored my a corporation’s “customer service department”, put them fools on full blast via Twitter, that’s cause them to attend to your shit quick fast.

A lot’s transpired in the past two weeks. ‘Kick-Ass’ dropped, and please believe you need to peep it asap. My favorite local Brooklyn coffee shop Gorilla closed two days after I got hit for good. Then re-opened today. My favorite white boy re-imagined if the Tea Party was Black, Shyne droped hot garbage, two of my favorite bloggers, Nah Right and Ivan from Hip Hop Is Read got into it, Kat Stacks got tore the eff up,  Jim Jones finally came to his senses and kissed his boss, Cam’ron’s ring, and most notably, Keith Elam, p/k/a Guru, forever to be remembered as 1/2 of Gang Starr died. The sadness of his passing continues to be marred by the weirdness and allegations that surround his death, especially as it relates to his ‘partner’ Solar.

Yeah, alot can pass you buy in these Internets time. I missed ya’ll dearly. Hell, maybe I needed that virus shutdown, just to remind me how valuable you all are. So yeah. I’m back. Time to get this show back on the road. Let’s go.

It’s been a long time….

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What's It All About?


KRS 1 Speaking on behalf of the Hip Hop Pioneers and their reasons behind why they’re boycotting the National Museum of HipHop.

I was confused. I think I can see both points, which led me to an even more interesting point. Who owes the Pioneers? It seems that there is some discrepancy with some $$$ that folks should be given and who’s right it is to even build the HipHop Museum. While there is no question that the pioneers should not be feasting off of crumbs, an interesting question is: who’s responsibility is it to make sure they’re fed?Should anyone who has made an album give a percentage back to Bambaata and Herc? HipHop is a billion dollar industry based on what these dj’s did in the park. There is no doubting the global influence. I think a National Museum of HipHop is a great honor and would help to make sure that our History doesn’t become His Story. Still there is politics at every level. See if you can make any sense out of this. Shouts out to the homie JillzWorth who shot me the link earlier.

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Soundcheck: Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx

Marco Polo & Rustee Juxx – Rearview

Off of Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx’s new LP, The eXXecution. Haven’t been the biggest fan of either one of these cats. Neither Marco Polo’s Port Authority nor last year’s Double Barrel with Torae really did much for me. White kid from Canada channels Premiere & Pete Rock. This might have been a revolutionary concept back in the 90’s (Not really though. Rick Rubin, Sam Sever & Paul C were the OG white Hip-Hop beatmakers) but these days, hearing producers like The Alchemist, Jake One, Statik Selektah & Nicolay bring heat consistently is nothing new. Ruste Juxx has been down with Duck Down since Heltah Skeltah’s Magnum Force and has appeared on numerous Boot Camp projects over the years. He finally released his debut album, Indestructible in ’08, but nothing he’s done ever really distinguished him from the other C-List BCC’ers. Not for me anyway.

But this shit right here?

En Fuego.

Straight BK thuggery served up with just the right amount of ignorance…

I been reppin’ since Kool G Rap & Kane and them
Doug E. Fresh, Dana Dane & them, entertainin’ them
Chalk line framing them, never gave a fuck about
Niggas talkin’ shit, I just punch you in your fuckin’ mouth

Sean Price would be proud.

Polo’s backdrop amounts to a death march for wack MC’s. Striking piano chords and drums that sound like a firing range give Ruste the perfect platform to pop his shit. The entire project is vintage East Coast boom-bap-get-ya-shit-cracked rap and both Marco & Ruste have definitely moved up a couple of notches on my list of MC’s/Producers to keep on the radar.

Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx’s  The eXXecution is in stores now.

Support the real.

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