Bad Boy

The Stevie J and Ed Woods Episode



The current king of Black people reality tv stopped by. He’s more than just a funny face. Stevie J takes us back to when he was down with Jodeci, Bad Boy, Eve, the Jacksons. Wait til you hear who smacked the shit out of who, why he thinks Madonna and barbiturates killed Devanté Swing’s career, and all the other things he experienced before LHHATL. This episode might end up in your top 5. It doesn’t stop Internets.

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The Styles P Episode



The Ghost came in and rocked through his most of his storied history with the Lox, Diddy, DMX, Tupac, Mary J. Blige, the East West Coast beef, how D Block’s legendary lyrical beef with Roc-a-fella almost spilled out into the streets and more. P also shed some real grown man tears reminiscing about the Notorious B.I.G. as he rolled that real pungent. Tune in and get all this work. His latest album ‘Float’ is available for sale now.

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Audio: The Shyne (@OriginalShyne) Episode


Moses Michael Levi walked us through that fateful night and talks about how he aimed at the shoulder meats and not the ceiling, his thoughts on the Israel/ Palestinian conflict, why he endorsed Mitt Romney, whether he’s having fun or not in life and why he doesn’t need therapy. It’s bigger than rap.

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Video: G. Dep’s Murder Confession

Shit is depressing.

Authorities have released Bad Boy and Harlem rapper Trevell Coleman’s video confession taken on December 16, 2010 regarding events which took place back in 1993. Earlier today, Coleman was convicted of killing John Henkel and faces sentencing on May 8th.

via Good Fella Media

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Shyne, The Last Bad Boy


It had to be around 9:30 am. I was in the office extra early that morning, like around 8:30. I usually got in a little after 10, but I had some contract work I needed to squeeze out. The phones usually started ringing at 10 am and after 11 the rest of my day would be held hostage by back to back meetings that I had lined up, going ’til around 7pm. Focused in the early morning quiet, I was interrupted by my office phone ringing, the 1st call of the day clocking in at around 9:45. I picked it up and was introduced for the first time to Manny.


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"Notorious" Movie Review

Last night I spent two hours writing an in depth review about this piece. Was too difficult. Ended up writing like about 1,000 words. Can’t decipher through that shit now. So, as to not having wasted the effort, I’ma keep it brief. “Notorious” is not the greatest biopic I’ve seen, but being the first official Hip Hop joint, what with me having experienced being a part of the extended Bad Boy fam, Christopher Wallace being a major part of the Brooklyn movement and B.I.G. being the G.O.A.T and what not, I LOVED IT!!! Some plot holes here and there, especially where it handles the whole East coast, West coast “beef”, but thanks to the homies Mark Pitts and Wayne Barrow, both who managed Big throughout his career and were involved in this flick as producers, so many of the movie’s scenes were spot on factual. The Palladium scene where Funk Master Flex drops Craig Mack’s “Flava In Your Ear” while a young Puff and crew is buying up the bar, mad factual. The whole niggas blowing gaskets ’cause a the wrong shoe size scene (if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t worry, it’ll make sense), no embellishment. Mad props to Angela Bassett for channeling Voletta Wallace. A+ for effort to everyone else who acted in this piece. X-tra kudos to Dennis L.A. White who plays Damion “D-Roc” Butler, Big’s closest friend who goes above and beyond what this thing called friendship is about. Anyone who knows D-Roc knows what kinda stand up knicca he is and White, who even resembles dude slightly, pulls of the emotional and physical sacrifices D-Roc has gone through for his crew, time and again. Whaddup D-Roc!!!!

Please see this on account that there’s no Hollywood effery here. Like I said, not the greatest, but in terms of factual content, flawless. At the real B.I.G.’s funeral, shit was mad overwhelming, what with all the celebs, drama, paparazzi, plus the weight of the loss and senselessness that Christopher Wallace’s loss represented, so much so that I was too busy taking in everything to truly feel the pain that so many people, including myself felt at the time. The “Notorious” funeral scene, including actual footage of the legendary Bed Stuy street procession celebration that took place had CJ really fighting back some tears I thought were already spent. Thinking about it even as I write this has me fighting back more tears. [||]. Yo, see this.

Plus, what with it being Martin Luther King weekend, Obama’s inauguration coming up and theatre’s being sold out from coast to coast for a movie about Biggie Smalls, seems like it’s the Black people heaven weekend we’ve been dreaming about, for like forever.

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