We are looking for a social media coordinator to coordinate social media for the Combat Jack Network, which comprises The Combat Jack Show, Sneaker Fiends Unite, Reality Check and several other shows in development.

This would be a perfect endeavor for a college student looking for internship credit, a young hustler looking for media connections or just someone who understands social media, listens to the show and would like to help us grow.

Please note that this person does not have to be based in NYC. Or even the USA. If you listen to the show and “get” it, then you’re good.

Also, you need not be a “hip-hop head” to apply. If your lane is more tech and new media, then that’s perfect. We already know the hip-hop world, now we need help expanding. In fact, the ideal candidate might even be a tech nerd who understands metrics and is just learning about hiphop through the Combat Jack experience.

If you fuxs with the show you probably already know this, but just to be clear: we don’t have any $$ for you. At least not yet. But if you’re a college student, we’ll try to help get you credit. If you’re looking to build up your resume and contacts, we’ll give you an associate producer credit. And any other fringe benefits that come from being part of the Fuckyberg Family.

Here’s what we think we need:

  • Someone to both create and coordinate presence for all the shows on Combat Jack Network on iTunes, Twitter, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. Plus any other spaces we should be active in, but don’t know about.
  • Promoting the show in the blogsphere outside of hip-hop. We’re already featured on the right hip-hop blogs. Now we need to expand to general lifestyle, fashion, music and social sites too.
  • Someone who can capture the voice and personality of the show in their Tweets and posts.
  • Someone who can dedicate at least ten hours a week to this, though it could be more or less. But figure you should be promoting each show on social media at a minimum of once or twice a day.
  • If you’re interested, give us a shout at