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The Combat Jack Show feat. Dallas is weekly online radio show comprised of a diverse array of personalities with an overall love and appreciation for hip hop culture, fashion, music, and current events. The show is helmed by Combat Jack and his co-host Dallas Penn, whose personalities add for an always entertaining show experience for the guests and listeners. With over 60 plus shows, thousands of downloads and online views this is only the beginning. “It don’t ever stop” #Newmanati

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Attorney, author and radio personality Reggie Ossé is an established authority in all things urban entertainment. He is considered the first in today’s new wave of savvy attorneys well versed and nurtured in Urban, Hip Hop and Popular culture. He is the author of “Bling, The Hip Hop Jewelry Book”, a cultural anthropology coffee table book which provides an in depth and entertaining study of man’s fascination with jewelry spanning back to the birth of civilization.

Prior to penning “Bling”, Reggie was Vice President of Audio and Music DVD at MTV Networks. In that role, he was responsible for launching the chart topping CD and DVD “Alicia Keys – MTV Unplugged” which held the #1 spot on the Billboard Charts. He also worked closely with the music supervision of MTV’s smash on-air hit “Laguna Beach”.

Before coming to MTV, Reggie was founder and managing partner at the New York City based boutique entertainment law firm Ossé & Woods where he successfully participated in the launching of many of today’s Pop, Urban and Hip Hop icons such as Jay-Z, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and Missy Elliot. His clients also crafted hits for superstars Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Usher Raymond, Brandy and Lil’ Kim and The Notorious B.I.G.

Reggie entered the music industry as part of Def Jam Recording’s business and legal affairs, where he handled matters for the label’s top artists Public Enemy, LL Cool J and the Beastie Boys.

No stranger to television, Reggie has appeared in episodes of Sesame Street and as guest commentator on Court TV. He and his family is featured in the very first episode of “Dear Genevieve”, a popular home design show which launched in January ’09 on the HGTV Network. He has also been featured on an episode of Spike TV’s “Mythbusters”, said episode being inspired by a promotional clip produced by and featuring Mr. Ossé in connection with his book “Bling” entitiled “Making Fresh Diamonds In The Microwave”.

Writing as blogger Combat Jack for, his own site and former managing editor for The Source magazine, Reggie continues to bring new energy to the blogosphere through his entertaining and fully informative stories of his past as a music executive and as a tastemaker of the Internet generation. After discovering Twitter in December 2008 and realizing that there’s no place on the planet that is beyond his reach, whether it be issues concerning music, film, comic books, and sometimes politics, Combat Jack never lets his readers down.

As online radio personality on The Combat Jack Show, a weekly online

show comprised of a diverse array of personalities with an overall love and appreciation for hip hop  culture, fashion, music, and current events, Reggie has conducted in depth interviews with Touré, Just Blaze, Fab Five Freddie, Angela Yee, EPMD, Bun B, Redman and  Freddie Gibbs, to name a few. With over 70 shows, thousands of downloads and online views this is only the beginning.

Reggie is a graduate of Cornell University, Georgetown University Law Center, is married, has four children and currently resides in his home town of Brooklyn, New York.

Billboard Magazine has named Reggie as one of the top 140 music writers to follow on Twitter:

Complex has name Reggie one of the “25 Must Follow Music Writers On Twitter”:

Dallas Penn

Dallas Penn is the creator and editor-in-chief of the daily weblog He is also a founding member of the film-making collective, iNternets Celebrities. Currently a featured columnist on, Dallas is known for his contributions to various hip-hop websites and publications, including Mass Appeal, XXL Magazine, The Source and YouTube videos tackling subjects like social justice, affordable food and all around chicanery. He can always be found online at his website and on Twitter. Or sometimes on VH1’s The Best Week Ever. But only if you do a Google search.


A visionary and a student of the music industry, Aaron” A-King” Howard thrives on creating new ideas and executing them. If it’s not consulting for artists or entertaining on the radio, best believe A-King is always in the mix. A-King has worked with and interviewed various artists, producers, actors, filmmakers etc. Currently he serves as the Program Director for PNC Radio, Creator/Curator and Producer of The Combat Jack Show. He has helped to build formidable programming on Internet Radio that hasn’t been seen since the coming of 88hiphop. This Brooklyn native has eyes set on the present and future of the music industry. “Terrestrial radio is going through an identity crisis. People want an alternative that resonates with….simply put, the people. It’s not hard to figure out what’s going on, the research says it all”. (A-King also is the host of BLAP producer series, and consults for various artists and producers.)

Premium Pete

Peter Gibaldi, better known as Premium Pete is the creator and the brain behind the Internets largest sneaker video sharing network dedicated to the lifestyle, culture and products, SneakerTube.TV.  Premium Pete serves as the Executive Associate Producer for the weekly, Internet-based, “Combat Jack Show”.  Premium Pete wears many hats, and is responsible for booking guests for the weekly Internet-based talk show, along with serving as an on air personality interviewing guests. Premium Pete was recently listed as one of 2011’s “Top 25 sneaker influencers” by Complex Magazine, and received astounding positive feedback for his article entitled, “The 25 Best Pizza Places in NYC

DJ Benhameen

DJ Ben-Ha-Meen is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Actually he invented sliced bread so he can be considered the greatest thing ever. 3 out of 5 school children agree. Raised in the Dirty South he could be considered a southern gentleman if he wasn’t such a two faced rat bastard. Oh wait that’s you. Benhameen moved from the swamps of the South to Washington DC and Howard University to complete his training like Luke Skywalker to the Dagobah system. After receiving his light saber he moved to Brooklyn where he now writes film scripts, produces children’s books, and plots to take over the world with his High Flyers Club family. Saint, Good Samaritan, friend of the common man… Ben-Ha-Meen is none of these. World Class DJ, Half-Time Poet, and alleged sneaker pimp? Now that is Ben-Ha-Meen.


Matt Raz is a director and editor who has done videos for artists including T.I., Cypress Hill, Travis Barker, Action Bronson,  and Team Facelift and commercials for brands like AXE, Gibson Guitars,  Pro-Keds, and Yankee Stadium.  More modern gentleman of leisure than slacker, Matt is a true connoisseur of pop culture, artisanal junk food, and $1 cigars.  Originally from Central NJ, Matt has since gone on to gentrify previously undesirable parts of Brooklyn.  He hopes one day to co-star in a direct to DVD release alongside Jean Claude Van Damme.